Southern Pot Roast and Bacon Wrapped Green Beans with Brown Sugar

I found it! I am snaffling this recipe and bringing it over to my own blog, because it took me ages to find it again, now that I have all the ingredients lined up in the fridge, and a pack of soft brown sugar carefully guarded in a hidden tin in the pantry! I have never cooked a beefy pot roast before, only chicken, so this has got to be a fun adventure. Couldn’t find a “Chuck Roast” so I hope my generic “Pot Roast” lump of beef will do the trick. It looks like a thick steak coiled up in a net. It is a dollar cheaper than the chuck steak, otherwise I would have bought the chuck steak and coiled it up myself! Oh darn… I just noticed I don’t have cream of chicken soup – I will have to use mussel soup stock! Haha… this will be funny. I am supposing that the seasoning is salt and pepper. Well, anyway, here goes!
I wonder if a solid lump of Rump would have been a better choice?

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