Sharing problems? Mine is tiredness. Falling asleep at the table tiredness. Sleeping over 12 hours tiredness, and bone-weary muscle-ache tiredness… I hope it passes soon.

Sometimes my mind gets stuffed with ideas, and they may never be carried through to completion. So I am going to type a big glob of them out so they are no longer in my head. Do you ever do this?????

Alphabet colouring book, with one page per beautiful letter, and a short illustrated poem, with space for learning to write the letter underneath it all. Lots of time in the garden early springtime sunshine in a warm month of August which doesn’t seem like Winter at all. Medicine made of liquorice and aniseed, peppermints and chocolates, coffee, and sweet cakes, with juicy sweet oranges and soup-in-a-cup homemade. Truth and nothing but the truth, in a world of lies. Honesty as a healing and not as a weapon. Friends, in abundance, with time and space, and solitude for breathing and spontaneous uncalled-for smiles, giggles, and cats who are really kittens who haven’t unlearned how to kiss. Family who understand, even when they don’t. A garden that produces food all over, again and again. Money as a form of energy which flows where it is needed the most. Love which is intelligent and pours out in exactly the right dose, and knows when to ladle out double quantity at dessert time. Cream with sweet peaches in syrup. Cats that meow hello, and purr in a box with a sheepskin, and hiss and growl at night while staying in the doorway because they call it home, and you turn the outdoor lights on and go out, breaking off a stick from the nearby tangly bush and rattle it under the house and around about to scare off any intruder that has upset the orphan cat in a box on the doorstep. Blogs that collect views and followers and commenters all by themselves while you sleep. Special people who make themselves known… Words which are filled with light, and who knows where the light came from? A home that is mobile because it is carried in the heart. Space which is the depths of a great spirit, with stars that truly twinkle. Food that is not food, it is a meal, and shared with love. Smiles that bring tears. Weeping that brings smiles. Music that wrenches the heart into sobs, and songs that lift up to places divine. Colour that brings life, and a life filled with colour. Rainbows of hope that build bridges between hearts. Cool liquid that soothes the throat and brings sweet relief. A fresh pillowslip. A real bed. A place to call home, to rest your head.

For the fifth time……. so far…. good night!
It’s almost 10pm and perhaps my tiredness is wearing off! I’ll see how early I can roll out of bed tomorrow. Hopefully without headaches or faintness.

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  1. Keeping you in prayer for a quieted mind and spirit, Dear Friend.

  2. I should do this, too, write down all that fills my head…except right now they’re all worries :/

    • Sometimes that’s the best time to write it all out – when they *are* worries. I was surprised that really there weren’t as many ideas as I thought there were, and that there was not as much pressure and worry as it seemed before I started writing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Has anyone else noticed that in springtime the blood leaves your head and warms up your hands and feet? Makes people tired and inattentive on the road. Reverse happens in autumn. Think I will write more then…..

  4. That was lovely. If that stream of consciousness is what goes on in your head, you are blessed with beautiful thoughts. The whole read was very poetic.x


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