Not so early to bed, and new colouring book

Thought I would have a hot bath and go to bed early to try to fix this tiredness problem. It’s almost 10pm, so I am going to see if it will be another 12 hour stint. (No I don’t believe in alarm clocks!) We are also trying for around two hours exercise in the afternoon. I wonder if this is what brings on the sleepiness…. It makes a change from insomnia!

My new colouring book is on the way, and may even be cheaper to print here and post overseas, as well as delivering to kiwis, locally. If you would like to divulge your postal address, I will put you on the mailing list. It would be a big step in trust! Best to send it to rather than posting it in the comments.

On the subject of food, I opened a can of organic coconut cream, and we heated it in a bowl set into a pot of hot water. This melted it down from it’s chunky solidified state. Then we sat it in the fridge and the coconut oil rose and set on top. Underneath this is the sweetest coconut milk, pretty much tasting like how it would straight out of the fresh nut. Mix it with a teaspoon of molasses and top up with hot water, and it’s a very soothing night-time drink. The cool hardened coconut oil feels cool to the skin, and cool when it melts on the tongue. Apparently a teaspoon a day keeps Alzeimers at bay! Very cool. And tasty.

Night all!
One more comment to make… on,
then I’m off. Catch up tomorrow!

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