Little surprises

Can you find some surprises on this page?
I keep thinking of those Pages that you have to add to a menu, or link somewhere. And I haven’t really linked any before, and I think it could be fun.

As an easy example, here is a colouring page.



butterfly 7 low-res

Guess where this secret portal takes you…

(Hint: you do not need to swallow your tail to find out!)


More to come as time gallops on…

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  1. Clever Butterfly. I liked this. A secret portal leading to new worlds.x

  2. Anasera, this is such a wonderful project. wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a Johnny Appleseed approach to planting all of the different types of plants that are necessary to sustain and increase the butterflies procreation and habitat. You could have people that are already growing the plants collect the seeds and send them in to a central location, then those seeds could be mailed to people who wanted to plant them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get groups of people that routinely travel around their countries to plant a few seeds wherever they stop for the night. I’m thinking RV’ers, traveling salesfolk, traveling artists, bus drivers, truck drivers, etc…

    I’m sure the logistics could be worked out to insure the best approach to success and to avoid introducing what might be considered an ‘invasive’ plant in some cases and areas.

    I haven’t had a chance to explore the entire website (some of these ideas are probably already in place)
    but…I just had to comment!

  3. This should cure your scaredy feelings Scottishmomus…
    this is one of my pins from my giggles board-

    my whole giggles board-


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