Evening thoughts on blogs

I am hatching a new plan for my blogs.

Enough said.


Random    words   fill
   light     love
triangles squares circles
full brimming round
  sweet savoury sour
dripping    honey bears
coolness colliding
  slipping sliding
  swimming reminding
evergreens everglades
 misty mountain pool
clear-eyed spring fresh
   billabong of purity
lullaby     song
    refreshing      long
splash    splish   splosh
   load of hogwash
trepidation      new
      letting go      release
relief   treasure found
   treasure lost
paradise sparkles
lake of desire      cool
      fresh  new-
zeal    and
  morning sunset and evening sunrise
upside down    poles     apart
    love beauty kindness
revelling in blindness-
   and your
not going to say
biting my tongue
biting my lip
withholding taxes
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  1. This was fantastic! Sorry, I’ve been absent for so long 😦 I’ve been plotting and planning something very special and I’ve wanted you to be a part of it from the very beginning! Another blogger and I launched an interactive community blog to showcase artists (writers, poets, artists, photographers, singers, musicians, jewelers, etc) works. I would LOVE for you to submit one of your drawings and writings for the blog. You can check it out by visiting my blog for the re-blog. Fun, fun, fun!


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