Morning thoughts on psychopaths, as you do…

I was thinking in poem form, about psychopaths as I woke this morning (as you do), and this is what I scribbled down as the words bulged to a mass which threatened to overload available memory, of which I have little.

All psychopathic serial killers
                          slip up
And it's their silly mistakes
              that catch them out
Charm and deceit wear thin
          they become transparent
And the honest truth shines through

The one who conquers them
    does so with Love
And he sees them brought low

Eternal justice prevails.
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  1. I have seen a book that claims many serial killers are actually religiously motivated terrorists … the inquisition(s) go on it seems. Not to say the new ones are catholic. Also there are lots of non-violent sociopaths (‘psychopath’ was stripped from the DSM due to popular misuse)

    • I find that quite believable. Who knows what motivates the others!? I am most probably doing a popular misuse of ‘psychopath’ for the purpose of a label used in a broad generalization for my poem. 😉


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