Working on

Business therapy, it’s good for the self-esteem.

Spent a bit of time practicing a new routine.

  1. Create daily colouring pic, as usual.
  2. Export it at different sizes for preview, blog post, and sellbox
  3. Upload to blog, and to dropbox
  4. Open sellbox and pick up file from dropbox
  5. Enter selling info and create a promotion code to make it free
  6. Add the promo code to the blog (I forgot and had to add it later!)
  7. Have a cuppa tea

This was made easier because I am doing the alphabet… ABCDEF

After lunch I worked on my ‘professional’ blog. (har har… one day I might make some money)

Here’s the blog header. I spent a bit of time learning the GIMP software, which is a little bit like Photoshop.

Header for blog3


I wanted something fun and colourful. Next minute along comes a business card! No, Maybe… soon…

Time flew by and afternoon tea was a quick slurp, and dinner was a hot bowl of rice with butter, salt and ground pepper. Somehow it tasted like sausages! (Breakfast is my main meal.)

Shared a bit of lunch with the cat. (We both like tinned fish.) Made an attempt at creating a fabric design. Got one step closer.

Then it has been time to blog, and read, and even do a bit of colouring in. (There’s a coloured-in letter D on Wildersoul Rainbows.)

Kids are loaded up with heaps of homeschool work… and I am dreaming of the sand and sea. Let the sun warm the water a little longer, and it will be summer swim time again.

About to head off for a good sleep.

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  1. Oh my word! Is that you? You are adorable!! 😀

  2. That is an absolutely GORGEOUS Header!!!! Words fail…..


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