Hello in person, sort of!

Hellloooo! This is me, getting techy with the webcam and headset! Wondering if I can do some sort of Liiiive performance of some sort….. one day! I have the thought of Google Plus being some sort of live venue for open mic poetry, or live music… or something. Even live art making.

Be brave, here goes! If you have a hello back… drop us a link! πŸ™‚ Or try a video reply on YouTube!

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  1. Oh that was soooooo delightful!!!! You are so sweet!!! I love the sound of your voice and now all of your words that I read from here on out will be uttered by that voice! I don’t know how to work the youtube thingy….yet….

    • I didn’t know how to do the webcam thing either. I was too scared of it till tonight. And couldn’t figure what to do with my hair which seems to be more thin and grey on camera than in real life! So I stuck a hat on and that did the trick!!! That’s my sort of kiwi accent…!

      • and your name, Anasera, goes so perfectly with your face and voice, I saw Wildersoul and Wilder Wasabi peeping out as well!

      • My mum must have seen my face before she named me perhaps! πŸ™‚
        As for the Wildersoul…. It came about when I was thinking of a pen-name for an Animal Writers blog that never really got off the ground. The wasabi is to remind myself that sometimes I reeeally get up people’s noses!

      • Especially when you’ve got a long distance pea-shooter in your hands LOL…remember…snicker sniggle snort!

      • giggle… long-distance wasabi peas? hee hee!

      • remember the yum yum food party…at the end…
        that was so much fun!

      • Chortle, I just nipped over to revisit it, and didn’t realise quite how madcap it all was, and we were quite good don’t you think with a duet, or triplet, quadruplet? of wordsmiths partying away! Sad the wasabi pea shooter missed its mark, it’s such a pain s..p..e..l..l..i..n..g in semaphores! You crack me up! Maybe we could do it again… I kind of got a bit unwell and felt like the new blog was too much. I am much recovered now and yet a bit wary of taking on too much! I think after next week Tarina will be back on board. She is studying hard for a music exam next week. I’ve got a rental inspection to prepare for (I normally use it as an excuse to get big jobs done around the garden and house.) And Shaquin is our man-of-few-words. Perhaps after next week…. might have a party from my folks place and get my mum involved too, as she is a bit of a wordsmith too. I could type for her. Now I’m looking forward to creating something new. πŸ™‚ Thank youuuuuuu dear Pibbles!

      • When OM did his post about writing dialogue I pointed out and sent him the link to that particular thread. I told him it wasn’t in proper dialogue format but going back and forth the way we did was loads of fun and it got the mind thinking creatively.

        with all that still needs to be done on my next organizing post, getting over a ‘sniffles in da house’ infestation, and dealing with my back injury…I sometimes feel quite overwhelmed. but I always look forward to a ‘kiwi picnic’ now and again.

        …I know I’m procrastinating on my next post…but it is so detail oriented with pics..I want to make sure I get it just right…

      • I want to see your pics! πŸ™‚
        Now I feel miiiighty shy about OM visiting our party food conversation!!!!!! hehe… (blush).
        Thank you for the compliment. I thought you were, like, a wayyyy better writer than me, at the time. I want to go a bit crazy about descriptive words… next time πŸ™‚
        I like your style. (She says, swizzling a scintillating purple sugar dusted swizzle-stick furiously to fizz up an explosive mary martini… night cap? hehe)

      • My style…is just silly whimsies that take control of my fingertips as they hunt and peck across the keyboard…when we chat back and forth across the miles I would swear that I hear them (the fingertips) giggling away in anticipation of what they’ll say next.

        I have a facebook page that has some pics on it…but I must warn you…I don’t get on it very much…
        I’ll email you the link.

      • most appreciated, the link AND the giggling whimsical fingertips! (Only mail the link please…. o.O)

      • I hope your back feels better soon!

      • Thank you! (I’m scared about the surgery they are planning for me….) 😦

      • Is it really necessary??? I worked for a chiropractor for a short time and learned a bit about how sometimes there are other options besides surgery!

      • don’t know for sure yet…there is some sort of mass inside the bottom part of my spine (inside the part that flares out like a crab shell) and it is closing off the opening where the sciatic nerve feeds through…it is already causing pain (of course) and some paralysis…
        but I keep my mind off it with the blog, dreamquest and being creative as much as possible πŸ™‚

      • Gotcha… it sounds scary to me too. Have you also tried Louise L. Hay’s book, Heal Your Body… and she has another one called Heal Your Life (which it sounds like you are doing, with your DreamQuest!) I am shivering for you… come over all cold! Keeping mind off it, on positive creative topics sounds like a brilliant plan. http://www.amazon.com/Heal-Your-Body-Louise-Hay/dp/0937611352

        Here’s an About Louise page. http://www.louisehay.com/about-louise/

        Lots of loves to you!



      • This is the amazing guy who took away my pain… it was great working with him at PainDoctors for a few months. http://www.luminatefestival.co.nz/health/126-epigenetics-chronic-disease-and-wellness-by-dr-sam-shay


  2. On the subject of sore backs… here are some vids…

    Oh what they hey…. why not have a look at the whole nzpaindoctors channel. Me and my kids set up the video testimonials and ran the interviews. If it helps anyone to relieve their pain then I will be mighty pleased indeed.


  3. You’ll be great if you do a vid.
    With your talent and artistic abilities, you’ll shine. πŸ™‚
    I did 2 vids myself and put them on YouTube, so I know you can LOL

  4. First rule: Never make a bet with a Duck LOL
    (Here’s why) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tNMoRNjX6U

    Second rule: Never think making a video is easy
    (again, here’s the poster child of what NOT to do)

    This should help πŸ™‚
    Laugh all you want, it’s on me today LOL

  5. You know, we are young in our acquaintanceship, and we barely know each other, but I am pretty sure that there should be more people like you in the world.


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