Seek… and a CV

I am going to fill this space with employment-related info, although I am working towards self-employment. This is to keep a door open to other options.

FIrst thing: Set up a account. Here I go…

Right, that’s done. I can see how it could be an opportunity for letting people know about the online colouring book… Cogs are turning in my mind…

I can also see how there is very little available in the conventional job market for me in my current situation. In fact, nothing today, in my first searches.

Next thing: Write up a CV. This will be fun. I will post it when I’m done!

Okay, I am putting off my time management thing… That’s okay I will make time for it later! 😉

I have a photo to turn into a colouring book picture for, and also a small sketch I made of a tyre sunk in the foreshore as a mooring. I’ll do those first.

I want to do a bit of brainstorming on “IF” I did some painting, then what would I paint? I am not sure if it means that I “will” paint. I will end up with a huge page of painting themes or topics to choose from or feel a bit inspired by. Perhaps I could post the page when completed, and everyone could have a go picking a theme to create something with. Art or Music or Poetry… a Dance… anything!  Then of course, send it as a submission to We Poets Show It, where the lovely Kira and Zoe will have you feeling like a star!

One of the options for a ‘Career Path’ at my special appointment yesterday, was Artist – Painter. And I looked at it longingly, and mumbled, half under my breath, “I don’t think I could make money with it…” So now I am working on why I might feel that way. It is not like I am aiming to make millions…

It could open some other options, probably more to do with time management… so I can do the colouring book, and add some paintings for sale, now and then.

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