Business Therapy – health update #2

A quick update.

11pm to sleep last night after hot bath to warm up

Slept pretty good

Up 7.15am

Laundry/breakfast/dishes done.


hee hee. Yes, I was grumpy this morning, at the cat that is meowing for love out of the window and I feel like I am too loaded down to take time and go sit and stroke the lovable sweet thing. So I growled at it instead. And growled at the children too, to go out and give the cat the love it isn’t getting from anywhere else.

I shared my breakfast with the friendly little monster.

Stayed in bed after I awoke due to feeling the familiar heaviness which means that if I stand up I will fall down.

(Dear readers do not worry yourselves over this as it is completely “normal” to me, and I know how to work around it.)

Worked on my blog and business idea, and am now very cold. So I am going go and find a way to warm up.

Interesting. This shows me that I need to add something to my work routine to ensure I keep steadily warm.


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