A long poem

with sweet breath
upon velvet skin
i breathe you in
hay and horseflesh

silky fur
static with sunlight
purring in delight
cat and meatbreath

fluttering beauty
fragile strength
hold my breath
butterfly sips nectar

rough and ready
panting hard
loyal eyes adoring
dog-roll and cow-pats

milky slowness
docile heaviness
maternity swells
cud-chewing bovine

playful antics
upon my warm bed
pouncing in mock attack
kitten chews my finger

budding blossoms
secrete scent
for sweet-seeking
birds and bees

Thought it was time for an animal poem. I love animals.

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  1. Not long enough if you ask me! Loved it! Reowr! 🙂

  2. very lovely – it is always a great time for an animal poem:)

    • My stray cat inspired me, with its lovely cat-breath! Cat-therapy is very soothing. We sit on the back step and have some quiet time looking out at nature. What kind of animals do you have around you at home? 🙂


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