Business therapy – brief health update

I seem to be doing quite well, at least at noticing how I’m doing!

My concentration, memory and sleep get disrupted when stressed. This tends towards frustration and grumpiness.

To combat it, I have started writing lists to keep my mind focused on what has to be done. This helps to blank out what does not yet need to be thought about. Which helps with the overwhelmed feeling. A hot bath seems to help with sleep.

Exercise is ok, as far as strength, lungs and heart go, so far. The only problem seems to be the coldness. And the swelling legs. Hm. Although no pain in the chest, there are odd rhythms and very hard beats at times, which makes me cough.

(Don’t worry about this, as it is quite ‘usual’ for me at times to be like this.)

My mood goes from elated, when I feel everything is going well, to downhearted when it seems it isn’t going well, to sad for no apparent reason… besides feeling that I simply do not have it in me to carry out my plans, nor what others would like to plan for me. All in all, in general, a little overwhelmed, and very busy. Noticing my usual absent-minded-professor-ishness more acutely in times like this.

I forgot my daily uploads to the colouring book a couple of times and that bothers me because I like my routine.

I am pretty hopeful that all will come back on track somehow, and will re-evaluate where I am heading, and why I started out in this direction in the first place. Then I’ll see where to set my sights next.

Quite calm and happy at the base of it all. Just keen to monitor whether my health gets better or worse, as I am not terribly good at noticing if I don’t take note.

Great experience all round for homeschooling. Great to have real-life example of business routines.


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