It’s late and time to do some serious reading over the next couple of weeks. I have a novel to read, which is unusual for me. And a couple of serious documents that will expand my brain a bit.

I’m up to date with things, except for sleep which is a bit all over the place, and yet seems to be working well as I am getting the work done that I need to, and having ideas when dropping into a deep sleep.  I am working night shift on my blog, and catching sleep during the day. Well, that’s because of doing 24 hours straight, now and then.

It’s good to find others who have homeschooled as a sole parent, and worked from home at the same time. Makes it all seem a whole lot more possible, and less daunting. And gives a bit of confidence and reassurance that it has been done before and I am not so out-of-place as I feel sometimes.


After all my reading, there will be some serious writing to do…

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