Ok, getting there.

No CV yet. I spent time on my 12 month goals, and have consolidated the whole lot into a single goal of earning an income from my colouring book art. Even if that is fine art with my colouring book style… Even if it includes poetry. Even if it is in an e-book! This is a progression from my original goal to upload artwork daily to create a year’s worth of colouring pictures. It took six months, not a year.

So………. I have created a file with 8 mandala colouring pics on it, ready to print tomorrow, actually, later today as I have turned into a pumpkin at midnight of Friday the thirteenth, and it is now Saturdaaaaay! It will become an A5 folded booklet and I hope they will sell. Printing costs are lower, printing from home, and I can print straight from the vector file which gives best quality. Perhaps I will end up posting them to people personally… I’m feeling much happier all round.

Hard to type when you’re a pumpkin!

The focus for my CV is easier now that my 12 month goals are sorted. I will list all my art-related stuff on it. And I think it will be relevant to list the graphics packages I’ve learnt, and social media, that sort of thing. If I can gain freelance temporary part-time short-term contracts that require the same skill sets I am working on in my own business, then that will hopefully be a help, achievable and not too disruptive.

At best, it is very motivational. And I realize that I am not working to try and support myself and children. I am working to support myself when the time comes… I cannot actually imagine it, when or if the children… Strange, I cannot say ‘leave home.’ And ‘do not need me’ doesn’t fit well either. Has anyone seen “Ratatouille,” the movie? The quote comes to mind, “We don’t leave the nest, we make it bigger!” heheh.

So I will say, I am preparing for when the time comes that the children are also starting to find their own means of living. And until then, every moment is a learning moment. We don’t turn education on and off.

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