Computer Skills

Hokey cokey. Here’s a huge list of computer skills, ready to add to my not-yet-created CV.

  • Inkscape – vector graphics editor
  • GIMP – image editor, similar to Photoshop
  • blogs
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+,, Goodreads – social media
  • self-hosted blog (basics)
  • Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems.
  • Scribus – page layout and publication (desktop publishing program, similar to Pagemaker)
  • CreateSpace paperback self-publishing
  • Amazon Kindle e-book self-publishing
  • Gmail for email, also familiar with Outlook.
  • Chromium browser (Linux version of Chrome)
  • OpenOffice, LibreOffice, similar to MS Office.
  • OpenShot video editor. Also familiar with iMovie for Mac, and MovieMaker for Windows
  • SoundCloud audio
  • Grooveshark broadcasting, and recording
  • YouTube video
  • VideoPress on WordPress
  • Audacity – record and edit audio files
  • Skype, Google Talk
  • Synfig Studio – 2D animation (basics)
  • DropBox – file sharing in the Cloud
  • Sellbox – upload and sell digital files from DropBox
  • Previous experience with Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, although not currently using them.

I am a quick learner, and most of the above programs I set myself to learn over the last year. I have self-published two books, one for me and one for another author. All of the above computer skills are useful for setting up an online business. And that is what I have been working on, while also sharing knowledge and experiences with the children I homeschool.

It would be wonderful to have work within the creative industry. Perhaps there are services I could offer. Or I could perhaps teach others these computer skills. Three hours a day, five days a week… book a time and name a price 🙂

Mostly, I am working on creating and selling my artwork online, and learning to run my own business. This takes a lot of reading, some meeting with experts, and a fair bit of trial and error with good old-fashioned roll-the-sleeves-up hard work.

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