Dear friends…

I have something called “pitting edema” and I believe it is most likely related to the effects of long-term stress on the endocrine system and organs such as kidneys, liver and heart. So I am going to take a rest.

(Naughty me, I have not been resting properly for quite some time.)

Soooo… Goodniiiiight!

(Puts feet up, and thinks of pleasant things…)

{Snore….. snore…… zzzZZZzzzzzzzz}

BRoken PoeTry


windows smashed upon the floor

jostling, dancing

trodden into

Swept up

off my feet

glassy splinters




Poetry can be a motley collection of words and phrases

Swept up into an image with nerve endings – and yet is it sense-less?

What about smell? Sound? Taste?


Broken – a symphony/cacophony of icy screams, cut short

windows smashed upon the floor – dark mahogany, stained with salty sweat

jostling, dancing – pounding bass vibrates my bones

trodden into – whiff of sour alcoholic breath

Swept up – the music recedes and light fills my room

off my feet – your perfume; a knockout

glassy splinters – entering, piercing, lost within

needle-sharp – attention | focus | concentrate |split

pain – ambient temperature, punctuated with white-hot light


Link to a soothing poem (yet to come… do you have one?)

Here is one I found; or did it find me? http://mjraik.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/shadow-of-grief

Make or break

After a year of hiding away from the world at large, I have an awful lot of appointments with people in the next week and a bit. There’s also a wonderful Arts Festival taking over the town! I will either sink or swim, and I’m pretty sure I’m swimming. I’m feeling about as organized as I was pre-childbirth. If I am completely intact, and even happy and confident… and *enjoying* all the social interaction, by next Wednesday… then I say that for now, I am cured.  If not, then I will have something more to work on.

I painted today. Black canvas, gold paint.

Poetry By CpSingleton (c) 2013

More on Poetry – I love the variety of ways poetry is described by poets…

Madstoffa's crunchy house!

Poetry for me is smashing boundaries.
It’s taking an idea and stripping it to tiny fragments and
Then rebuilding it into something close to
Beauty as one blank soul can muster.

It’s expressive
Can be caressive.

It produces moments that would make
A novel quiver with jealousy.
It is magnifique!
When reaching a peak
Between real and imaginary.

Poetry isn’t dull noises from
A dark room,
It’s echoing voices in a musty cave,
With candle light dancing on the
Fascinated retinas of your
Amazed eyeballs.

It is a broken urban street.
The decay of hope visible
In the cancerous houses.

It’s in the touch of a loving parent.
It’s in the fractured heart of loss.
It’s in the chaos of the sea
It’s in the reticence of age.
It’s a single glance from a
Sauntering pedestrian.
It’s in the destruction of hatred.
It’s a single shaft of light
Illuminating a…

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Epilogue (2)

Sometimes life is all too much, too fast.

Geo Sans

in 2006

my life slipped




within 3 months

I held my stillborn son

my dad died of cancer

I was charged with assault





digging my core

scraping regrets

dragging bones






nervous breakdown


psychiatric ward


I’m nobody

I’m everybody

another voiceless number

without earth / geo sans

longing for a role

wishing for a place

longing for belonging






my wife and I were committed

to loving

each other


carrying boulders

harrowing descending spirals

plowing parellel lines




was our only




we promised

would never

erode us


we withered

we cried

we hid

we lied






In 2009

our daughter

was born


nine days later

my wife

suffered a heart attack



she survived

but her / our

healing process

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Back on deck

What a long walk… about seven hours, give or take. I reckon I can give my heart a clean bill of health, what with climbing a small mountain, and going on a bit of a trek. I had a night away from home and then got stuck into re-arranging things and doing a big tidy up when I got back.

There’s a lot on my mind. The pressure is off somewhat on the work front. It is wonderful how a set timeframe can bring relief, and a breathing space to quietly plan things. My concentration had been going out the window, and my stress levels had been steadily rising.  The coolest thing is, I get to meet with someone every three weeks to talk about progress. And if I haven’t made money during the six-months, then it’s time to look at other options.

Like maybe cleaning for a couple of hours a day… or some sort of two days a week job. And then the blog and everything can become something that I can do in my own time, and without stress.

You know, I got the year wrong the other day. I thought it was 2012. Probably because it was when I last remember having so much fun.  It’s no big deal except it is the way I calculate my age.  (I don’t celebrate birthdays, and don’t make a special note of how old I am.) So… not only did I tell someone I was a year younger than I am, I also went on to show my math prowess, by using a plus instead of a minus, or vice versa, so actually I am not three years older than the person I was talking to… I am three years younger!  I think that the dental anaesthetic may have got to my brain that day!

That’s my excuse, anyways, and I’m sticking to it!

Anyone else have funny moments with maths and numbers?

Homeschool work-at-home single parents

I am in search of moral support and a look into how others manage in a similar position. Here’s a few of my findings.


Examples of types of work done by folk who work while homeschooling. There’s a wide variety!



Some interesting statistics, and how to fit homeschooling into weekends and holidays.



Single, but not Alone. An article on the difficulties faced when homeschooling as a single parent, and how faith fits into the picture.



Working outside the home full-time, while homeschooling. It was interesting to learn how this family took their child with them to work.



The Real Reason Parents Don’t Homeschool… And I will investigate this further a bit later on, as I see the writer has three startups under her belt. And lots of links to explore in her article.



This weekend, I am actually going to have a “weekend.”

Hope you all enjoy your weekends too!

I will be up at 2.30am Sunday for Twitter @Artist_Chat on the #ArtistChat hashtag, for the interview with author/artist Arthur H. Browne of the Pouring My Art Out Blog.  Apparently that’s 7.30am Pacific Time, or 10.30am EST Saturday. Perhaps we’ll see you there!

Spiders of the world wide web…

Awesome description of us bloggers and what we do…

Pouring My Art Out

We dance on strands made of words and ideas… we cast about ourselves a nebulous web of that which we hold most dear, and then perch upon the gleaming, silken filaments… we hope to lure others to see the beauty of that which we have constructed, to entangle them in our dreams and our visions…

We lie in wait for that which we most need… seeking solace and comfort, friendship and connection, validation and purpose… for the void below is so deep and so vast and distance cloaks the mysteries that lie under our tenuous creations…

In the beginning, we dangle from one thin line… at the mercy of the winds of doubt… looking for a point at which to anchor ourselves… and then one thin thread joins another… and another… and the web takes shape…

We cling to our woven sanctuaries made of nothing but our thoughts… each so thin…

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Chalk Bombing



Well, I’ve been at it again. We zoomed down to the city at the end of the day and after a good bit of climbing and swinging on the new rope playground, I set to work with a bunch of coloured chalks. It was great to notice that I was not the only ‘grown-up’ getting up to monkey business in the park. The rope playground is very cool, and shaped like a ship, with rigging. Great place to bring grandparents to stretch their legs and have a good work-out.

copy of 2013-10-09 18.38.29


My little triangle of colour.

copy of 2013-10-09 18.38.21


View of the harbour in the early evening.

copy of 2013-10-09 18.37.52

Close-up with the springy mat that goes under the ropes.

Photos courtesy of Shaquin.

There are a number of interesting spots that could be good for a Meetup outdoors, for chalk bombing, or colouring in, or even a musical get-together. Try http://www.meetup.com/Tauranga-Healthy-Creative-Minds-Meetup and register your interest, if you are in the area. Or setup a group locally!

Beach art fascinates me, and I found some amazing stuff on Pinterest, so if you’d like to take a look, just scroll down a bit through the art I like, and you’ll find a couple of 3D Chalk Artists, and also a tonne of beach sculptures, sand art, etc. http://www.pinterest.com/anaserat/art-i-like/

(Just joined up with Pinterest today – it’s great!)

Show me your chalk bombing pics! Or perhaps, chalk bombing poems?


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