What do you writer friends think?!

Yeahhhhh – accessible, witty and rhythmic… that pretty much sums up poetry á la C.p. Singleton!

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A very interesting question was put to me, via my comment feed, this morning.
I answered it as best as I could and wondered what everyone else thought….

I have a genuine question about poetry; I’ve asked it – I liked yours very much by the way – before but didn’t get a satisfactory answer…is poetry defined merely by when you press the return key? (This is paraphrased but essentially boils down to the same thing.)

In the most simplistic terms, unless your Amish, I suppose the answer is yes. But anyone can press the return key. You’ve got to grasp the rhythm between each pressed return. For e.g.
If I was to write

Mary had a little lamb, its
Fleece was white as snow. Everywhere
That Mary
The lamb was
Sure to go.

That would look like Bowie had got leathered and thrown his…

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