Back on deck

What a long walk… about seven hours, give or take. I reckon I can give my heart a clean bill of health, what with climbing a small mountain, and going on a bit of a trek. I had a night away from home and then got stuck into re-arranging things and doing a big tidy up when I got back.

There’s a lot on my mind. The pressure is off somewhat on the work front. It is wonderful how a set timeframe can bring relief, and a breathing space to quietly plan things. My concentration had been going out the window, and my stress levels had been steadily rising.  The coolest thing is, I get to meet with someone every three weeks to talk about progress. And if I haven’t made money during the six-months, then it’s time to look at other options.

Like maybe cleaning for a couple of hours a day… or some sort of two days a week job. And then the blog and everything can become something that I can do in my own time, and without stress.

You know, I got the year wrong the other day. I thought it was 2012. Probably because it was when I last remember having so much fun.  It’s no big deal except it is the way I calculate my age.  (I don’t celebrate birthdays, and don’t make a special note of how old I am.) So… not only did I tell someone I was a year younger than I am, I also went on to show my math prowess, by using a plus instead of a minus, or vice versa, so actually I am not three years older than the person I was talking to… I am three years younger!  I think that the dental anaesthetic may have got to my brain that day!

That’s my excuse, anyways, and I’m sticking to it!

Anyone else have funny moments with maths and numbers?

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