Poetry By CpSingleton (c) 2013

More on Poetry – I love the variety of ways poetry is described by poets…

Madstoffa's crunchy house!

Poetry for me is smashing boundaries.
It’s taking an idea and stripping it to tiny fragments and
Then rebuilding it into something close to
Beauty as one blank soul can muster.

It’s expressive
Can be caressive.

It produces moments that would make
A novel quiver with jealousy.
It is magnifique!
When reaching a peak
Between real and imaginary.

Poetry isn’t dull noises from
A dark room,
It’s echoing voices in a musty cave,
With candle light dancing on the
Fascinated retinas of your
Amazed eyeballs.

It is a broken urban street.
The decay of hope visible
In the cancerous houses.

It’s in the touch of a loving parent.
It’s in the fractured heart of loss.
It’s in the chaos of the sea
It’s in the reticence of age.
It’s a single glance from a
Sauntering pedestrian.
It’s in the destruction of hatred.
It’s a single shaft of light
Illuminating a…

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