Tired, heavy
Sweating profusely
60, to 58, to 56kg
Mentally agile
Frequently sleeping.

Perhaps I am tired.
I will sleep once again.

It crosses my mind
that a big change
may be enfolding
me in its hot embrace
like that of a furnace
foundry melting pot
ready to come out tempered
ready to come out new.

Worlds apart

Worlds apart

Worlds apart

Worlds apart
Steel bar
woollen blanket

Steel Barred
woollen blanket


What is within, part two

Love is outside the box
I am within
to crushing point

Your Crushing Point

Love is outside the box
I am within
You are without.
Love enters without a key

Exit your pointless

Love expands
the point of light
from tiny slit
as the lid is lifted

Love shines

Love shines, that radiant ball that glows bigger than any horizon, brighter than any display of racing sparks rocketing into the black sky of the most vehemently roaring bonfire.

Love is luminous, ethereal, as it wafts through thick tempered steel vaults to enwrap a heart with its softest glow, which melts forged metal into red puddles.

Love is blinding, a flash of brilliance that toasts the sky into oblivion, in a neverending moment you clearly see, love renders the darkness obsolete, invisible, outside the spectrum of light.

Love is outside the box.

Lying in wake


Barefaced under the piercing rain
Broken body dancing on hidden strings
Electrifying Light
thundering my core

And you came
you lied
you left

to the core
stitched in
the knife

taunt me
with truth
as I run away
from lunacy
in your wake

Let me go, part two

Polished stones

Body heavy
glazed mind
dully comprehends

the quarrying
of human flesh

Let me go

I am in the box
the box is shut
the lid too heavy
It will not budge

Time is nothing
It is everywhere
There is no edge
between the dark
and me

Silence is not
the ticking beetle
the ticking roof
the ticking heart

The cold is killed
with warm breath
which suffocates

My skin screams
bones beseech
locked mind
locked box
to let me go

Let me go
Let me go
Let me go
Let me go

What is within

A quiet blog
a corner to place words into
without oversight

No-one is watching
as I unfold my soul,
carefully hold polished thoughts
like precious stones
kept hidden
from prying minds

watching like a hawk
prying into my deepest secrets
I wrestle with the locked chest
heavy, weighty, oak and solid
dull brass corners
what is within.

Real Heart

Thanks Coco, for sharing this wonderful quote, and stunning drawing to go with it!

Coco J. Ginger Says

artist-creating-life“Any fool can be happy.
It takes a man with real heart to make beauty
out of the stuff that makes us weep.”
― Clive Barker, Days of Magic, Nights of War 

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Singing Lalala… Wildersoul bursts into song.

Trent Lewin is an amazing writer, and while browsing his blog I came across a little poem sitting in the corner, which sang to me. With permission, I attempted to add some musical notes to it, and this is the result. For the original words, copyright Trent Lewin, visit his blogpost I See You. He also has a post with a link to another lyrical poet which you might like to visit (That’s where I’m off to next.)

This first one is the serious version:

Next came a bit of letting the hair down…

This one pulled out all the stops.

My first attempt at creating my own tune, recording and publishing it.

If I am up to it, one day, I might attempt to add a musical instrument into the mix and see what happens. Or maybe someone else might like to!! For some reason I am sweating profusely, so I will give myself a bit of time to resolve whatever is going on with my bod first. I laughed at my diddly-doo-dahhhhs. And no, it is not my usual style of music. Although what my ‘usual’ style is, I really do not know!