The fear is gone

When the past has been dug up

and the rubbish bundled up and thrown out

The earth smells fresh and sweet

I see you on the street

and my eyes are kind

I say hello

and smile.


You say hi, too.


The fear is gone.


I remember the good times.

When the past was buried deep

And I took you at face-value

Like a delicious pumpkin

growing in the best manure.


I wish you sunshine

to warm your tendrils,

and rain to water your rootlets

May light and love surround you

and the darkness melt away.


Perhaps one day,

we may have more to say.

The fear has gone away.

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  1. And a poet to boot… now I’m just getting jealous. Poetry frustrates me horribly, I can’t write it. But you can.

    • I am confused,
      why can you not
      write poetry?

      • Ha! I suppose I can and have, but it never sounds right in my ears when I’m done. I try to stick to prose these days.

      • I love your prose. Its depth and convolutions…
        The workings of its memorable characters, such as the personified period… and the objectified orphan.

      • You’re way too kind. A pretty famous writer once encouraged me to decide if I was a writer or a storyteller. I have been mulling that over for a long time. I love stories. They seem to grow inside of me and ache for getting out, to the point where I drop whatever I’m doing and just get at it. Unfortunately, time does not always permit. But I love being in a story, just letting it flow, it’s a feeling of liberation that I have never been able to fully describe. There are so many stories to be told. I guess it just takes time.

      • Yes. May you have all the time needed to let those stories flow. Surely the best writing is that which tells a story?

      • I think so. Stories are so important. I think they change the world, if only gradually.

      • That comes across in your stories.
        I am guessing it is about 5am if you are in Canada.
        That’s very early for work. It’s 2am here. I am almost off to curl up in a corner somewhere and read myself to sleep.

      • I think it might have been 6 am, that’s my typical start time. I look spooky dark mornings, but spooky dark evenings even better. I hope you had a good sleep and a good read.

      • Yes, I slept good, and found the read interesting. Do you have Thanksgiving Day in dark spooky Canada too? I went to call the IRS tax people and they were closed! Seems like a long time ago I used to start at 6am every day…

      • No, our Thanksgiving was in October. We do everything off-spec here. Do you guys use that expression? Off-spec? I’m pretty partial to it.

        The US is completely shut down. I work with people in the States, so the next two days is going to be bliss. Not a phone call to answer, not an e-mail to respond to. I should just skip out of work or something, go play in the snow with the kids.

      • Yes. Go play in the snow with the kids. Do it! 😀
        I’m sure I’ve heard off-spec somewhere, although not every day. We don’t have Thanksgiving at all here in New Zealand. Enjoy the bliss.

      • Will do. Tell you what, next Thanksgiving pop over here and have dinner with us. You are most invited. I figure you’re pretty safe and relatively sane, and as long as you don’t mind a thick Canadian accent by way of Asia and Europe, it might be fun.

      • Anytime but religious holidays and I would love to take you up on the offer, if I am confident in everyone’s safety and sanity. 😉 I don’t have trust issues… I trust no-one! Haha.. there is another one… Trust in God, all others pay cash! 😉

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