Fearless: Sexual Assault Survivors

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Raped, abused, molested, assaulted. Every other day on this campus.

Grabbed, touched, hit, down. Not a person. Skirt going down, shirt coming up.

Led behind locked doors, poured another drink.

“Not sure if it counted as assault.”

Every. other. day.

Too much alcohol, too much cleavage, too much, too much, too much.

Not enough:

“Her eyes said she was lonely.”

“Her eyes said she wanted it.”

“He didn’t say no.”

“With the way she was dancing and what she was wearing, no doubt it was fine.”

(“It” being rape. “It” being assault. “It” being dehumanizing, objectifying, and degrading. “It” being the theft of life, security, identity, and rights. “It” being absolutely, inherently, unconditionally wrong. “It” being a crime.)

This week we honor the fearful and the fearless, the outspoken and the still voiceless—the hundreds of students on this campus who silently relive their stories of assault or rape…

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