Mantis exodus

Baby mantises look outside

Hey, buddy! The exit is over here!

Baby mantises mass exodus

Whoa, be quick, we are being followed!
Hey, why are we glowing?

Baby mantises team huddle

Team talk, gang! Time for a huddle! Where did those two go?

We took such great care not to disturb the foamy mantis egg case, and it has paid off! We have hundreds of little friends to keep us amused. Many of them went out the window, and yet there are still odd ones turning up on my computer, or hunting for things to eat on my desk… unsuccessfully. They are surprisingly agile, and springy. Once I herd them on to my finger they try leaping off as soon as they can. They are a bit like grasshoppers at this age. Skinny ones with bug-eyes and swivelling triangle heads.


Mantis egg case – Photo courtesy Shaquin.


Did you know that mantises are great friends for the garden? They eat all sorts of pesky bugs like mosquitos, flies, night-moths, and vege-munching caterpillars!

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