I love you! Best online shop setup for blogging income.

I love PayPal!

I love Sellbox! (and Dropbox!)

I love WordPress.com!

How exciting. After exploring so many options, these four things have combined together to create a successful way of making a small roadside stall at the end of my virtual driveway.

Thank you to everyone who has come by my humble colouring book and bought it off my virtual shelf. I appreciate you all so very much. Why am I so shy about saying I love you too! I really hope that the colouring pics bring some calm, joy, fun, healing or at least a bit of colour into your lives! That is my peculiar brand of love for you. A little thing. Just a little drop in the virtual bucket.

So far, I have made about $54 NZD and it feels great. I welcome any feedback about what works or doesn’t work with your colouring book download. That’s because I want to make the next one better, and create more after that. Your feedback will help me to improve. Or if it is perfect as it is, then it will help me to keep it the same for others to enjoy for the same reasons you enjoy it!

If you haven’t bought one yet, and are wondering what all the fuss is about, or want to review it and give me a bit of feedback, please try this link: http://sbx.sk/AkD1

Mostly, for all my blogger buddies who also want to make an income of some sort online, please know that I have found something that works for me, and perhaps it will work for you too! Darn good therapy.


PayPal takes care of all currency conversion, and provides secure payment service, including credit card payment which keeps your credit card details private. They provide financial reporting for tax purposes. http://paypal.com

Sellbox provides a brilliant interface between buyer and product, with space for preview pictures, and the option for donations, and promotion codes with discounts.It’s easy to take the Sellbox link for a product and insert it anywhere on your blog. http://sellboxhq.com

DropBox is cloud storage of your digital files, so they are quickly accessible from anywhere in the world. http://dropbox.com

Or Google Drive, which is also cloud storage.ย http://drive.google.com

And of course dear WordPress, home of the best blogs ever. http://wordpress.com

Much thanks and loves also these two writers who have greatly helped me along the way.

Opinionated Man at the HarsH ReaLiTy blog taught me ย how to build a blog audience. His Blogging Manual e-book is available on Amazon.

John Tighe wrote an excellent book How To Crush It With Kindle, which has taught me and is still teaching me much about how to sell a Kindle e-book. I translate those principles into selling my digital files of any sort on my own blog page.

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  1. Reblogged this on Wildersoul Colouring Book and commented:

    Thanks to all my followers for being here, it is so encouraging, and a wonderful form of “blog therapy” that keeps me moving forward. Although my body is bedridden today, I am feeling happy and connected and my mind is active. Thank you all for being here, as part of this global WordPress family, and my little colouring community. Lots of love to all of you today.

  2. Oh… Wildersoul! Great to see you’re back! So… Are you using a lap-top then? Lets see now: garlic builds up the immune system, and you get to have spaghetti :O) Taking Aloe Vera internally is suppose to be very helpful. And chicken soup. Sorry you’re not well!

    • Hello dear Spartacus! You and your cuddly green toy cheer me up on first sight! Yes I am on a Linux laptop with open source software. That sounds yummy, all together in one plate – garlic spaghetti aloe chicken soup! Unfortunately we haven’t got a single one of those magical ingredients!
      I suspect I will be up and about tomorrow after a good rest tonight. If not, I will go hunting for soup or doctors. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Have I given you a little gift already? I am handing them out and get a bit mixed up sometimes. This is a thank you for being a blog friend. http://wildersoul.wordpress.com/free-gift
      Much love,

  3. I hope you don’t take it personally that I haven’t purchased any of your books. I am one of those people who doesn’t buy anything online unless I get a prepaid card. I am a paranoid little bug. I even do my banking at the actual bank!

  4. Good to know you are doing well, and that your site is actually selling! That must feel very satisfying. I have a new store at Artfire.com. I haven’t made any sales yet, but I am getting lots of views. I will have to check out the ebook on selling. I do have a chance to sell some of my jewelry at a holiday boutique tomorrow, though. Fingers crossed!


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