When I write after revealing a part of me which has remained unsaid for many years, it has an effect on my physiology.

When a stranger hugs me, for no reason, and there is alcohol deep in his soul, it knocks me off balance.

When sleep comes suddenly and unexpected, not quietly wading deeper until floating pleasantly in a warm sparkling sea, it drags me under in a rip to the inky blackness of the Mariana Trench.

When danger rises up to face my children, my soul awakens to stand guard.

When part-time income means full-time work, I split. Two of me, or maybe three, to get each job part done.

When what you need is not what you have, you have to create something new.

When will I ever learn, there is no need to tell this to you.

Music moves me to dance, and the dance brings you to life.

Freedom is in my blood as it whooshes up in a swing sky-high, breaking a budding smile into ecstatic grin.

Bring me to life. I want to live with you.

Time to open up and show what I got.

Time to bring it together, and write it all out.

Sing it to pieces.

Break it down.


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  1. That feels like an anthem, and such a glorious one at that. Please do sing and dance, and let us hear and see what you have to show.

  2. my fave so far.


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