Progress, maybe.

Striding neck deep in Accounting software, advertising campaign calculations, stuffed giant courgettes, a crying cat, record label negotiations, electronic goods dissection and simple coloring picture production. I stop and feel the strong pull of the tide. It’s going out.

Writing a poem, a story, a game. Sharing a thought, sharing my shame. Cosmic existentialism carving time out of a cold stone statue. I turn against the tide and wade thickly toward the sparkling sand, where beauty awaits, shells in hand. Forest shades me from noon-day sun, as I laugh and dry off. It’s time for some fun.


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  1. I sooo relate to general tone of exhaustion and have been there any times. You are only one person and can only do so much, though the words of a wise man;

    ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done.’ . – Nelson Mandela.

    Timely considering his recent Demise.


    Make sure you are also taking care of you!

    Miss Lou

    • You are such a sweety, now that’s brought a teary eye or two… It was sad news about Nelson Mandela, and yet his 95 years were so full, and meaningful.
      Take care of you too, busy lady! And mind those crocodiles…

      • OUCH at that picture!!

        I sent all the crocodiles out of country to OM’s joint. they are their way there now. They are going to threaten to eat his legs unless he returns to his blog (and stops doing undercover business with FaL).



      • OM will wave his wand and name them all Fluffy. They will become his dragon’s minions! 😉 (chortle)
        What is an FaL?

      • Go and look at my Fast Service Past (his space on my blog) the recent comments made by FaL – thats you know who (Totally deceptaconning to get some rest from the pressure of being famous.. lol)

      • I am ever so curious… *skips off to Miss Lou’s blog*
        Back soon, if I don’t get lost. I am a slow reader, especially at this time of the morning…

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