WordPress.com or WordPress.org? Or, is WordPress.com okay for big business blogs?

After becoming very concerned about the effect that clicking a Like or Follow button can have upon sensitive souls within the wonderful WordPress community, I stopped to think about whether this is the place to attempt to make a part-time or hopefully even full-time income, out of my art, writing, and blogging.

It wrenches my heart to learn that a person may feel like committing suicide over a Like, or Follow button being pressed on their blog, when they do not receive a comment, or if it is from the new Reader where blogposts can be read without entering the actual blog, then without even a view showing up to be counted!

If you notice a direct threat of suicide and you know the blogger, contact law enforcement straight away. There are steps to take outlined in this WordPress Support page Self Harm and Online Safety. Having lost a brother to suicide I take this sort of thing very seriously.

If you are currently in crisis, please contact Lifeline. The trained operators at Lifeline are available to talk or chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Here is the contact information for Lifeline, the national suicide prevention hotline. Please do call  them.

Phone: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Website: www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org

Here is the list of International Suicide Hotlines.

My first thought was perhaps we should all stop clicking any Like or Follow buttons in case it has such a negative effect. Then this seemed silly, since all those who feel shy of making a comment would have no way of leaving something to show they care. There are a lot of silent readers out there, who are terribly shy of putting their words in print in a public place.

Should we take Like and Follow buttons off all blogs? That also did not make any sense.

Then I thought of About.me, and how people who view your page show up in the stats, so you can see exactly who viewed your page, and how people can send various types of compliments, which are standard, such as “I like your bio,” or “I like your page,” or “I’d like to meet for coffee,”  or “I have a business idea I think may interest you.” (Sorry these are off the top of my head and not the exact wording.) There are also standard replies that can be clicked on, such as “Thanks,” or a whole lot of other options.

I wonder if WordPress might consider putting some more buttons besides just the Like and Follow buttons? What do you think?

Then perhaps bloggers can choose which one to press, and also choose which ones to take notice of.

I considered throwing away my idea of starting a business on WordPress.com, and started to believe that actually perhaps it was not the place for a business at all. Then I read this support information from WordPress which says that YES, even big businesses are welcome to run their commercial blog on WordPress.com.

Here’s a little quote from within the support information  in the first link below, “You are welcome to sell your own work on WordPress.com and install a PayPal button…”

The $64,000 question: WordPress.com or WordPress.org? | The Daily Post

Some of the world’s biggest brands and industries rely on WordPress.com VIP.

Support > General >WordPress.com and WordPress.org

So I will soldier on and find a way to setup in business without being nuisance. As for the angry remarks that sometimes erupt between bloggers, hey take care people, how you treat others. There is a Support page also which covers defamation, which means saying things about people which puts them in a bad light for others. It is different if you quietly tell someone to their face, without anyone else to overhear it. When I last checked, defamation law applies even if what you say is true!


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  1. Wow, these are some deep issues. I hope you stay. You do lovely art, and I too need to find a way to make money within my mission of writing for kids. I hope we both get there, and no one gets hurt. Peace and Joy to you and yours, Brenda


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