Have you ever…

Have you ever been raped?
Have you ever seen murder?
Have you ever told?

Have you ever been hurt?
Have you ever been scared?
Have you ever cried?

Have you ever raped?
Have you ever killed?
Have you ever remained silent?

Have you ever kept a secret?
Have you ever told a lie?
Have you ever let the evil walk on by?

Have you ever been kissed?
Have you ever been loved?
Have you ever received a heartfelt hug?

Have you ever loved?
Have you ever cared?
Have you ever belonged?
And if so, where?

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  1. Oh my. These are some powerful questions. I have loved, I have cared, I do belong, and I have kept my silence about many things. I hope you are okay, my friend. Brenda

  2. Oh Anasera, there are layers to you that are hard to imagine. This was many levels of powerful and direct.

    • Thank you, yes, many layered; sometimes tearful as an onion, and other times sweet as a layer cake.
      I am attempting to cover some big issues through poetry, as a lead-up to writing something meaningful.

      • You’re already written something meaningful.

      • Thank you! Have you been writing a bit more over at your place?

      • Yup. I wrote a story that’s very long and I’m not sure if I should post, but I quite like it. Today, my computer fritzed out on me, so I actually handwrote a story. It’s been years since I did that. Guess will have to type it up and see if it’s any good.

        I just finished Art’s chapters and sent them to him. Fun times.

      • Oh the race is on. I have it in mind to finish Ch.2 and 3 today.
        Do post it, I would love to read it.
        By the way, if it’s okay to ask, and not a trade secret, how do you do the colour editing thing?

      • I just open the document in Microsoft Word. In older versions (like the one I’m using), there’s a menu called Tools, and under it a tab named Track Changes. Just turn Track Changes on and highlight that you’d like to see the changes as you make them, it keeps an accurate account of everything you added, deleted or changed for the original author to review. In later versions of Word, I believe it’s under a menu called Review, and Track Changes is under that.

      • Sadly, I suspected it might be exactly that. I have a free open-source piece of software called LibreOffice which is very much like, and compatible with, MS Word. I will have another hunt through its options, but I think it lacks a Track Changes tab.
        Poor Uncle Art. I went through and highlighted it and changed the text colour. Dear oh dear. I’ll check and see if OpenOffice has it. Just means I’ll have to do it while online. Thanks, Trent.

      • Not sure it’s really going to matter how the feedback goes to him, I’m sure the feedback itself in any format will be much appreciated. Best of luck finishing off the chapters.

      • Thanks for that, and for the company too.

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