Time to start writing, and I am going to give myself a one-liner as a title, and build a poem or story or something made of words.  If words fail me, stick figures may take over the blog!  So far so good, one small poem has emerged waving its hands above its head yelling, me first me first!  If you like the one-liners as a writing prompt just grab one and run with it. 🙂

Some other blogs I do:

Wildersoul Colouring Book – My black and white line drawings to print out and colour in.

Wildersoul Rainbows – My photos and artwork

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  1. I’m here! Wheres the best place to start? I saw a something about radio somewhere? When does that happen *climbs up into armchair and crosses my legs, looking about inquisitively*

  2. What a totally crazy blog you have… love it.


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