Travis Rinker – Music

I really enjoyed this laidback guitaring by Travis Rinker after coming home from a visit to my folks.

Coming home to music, fingerpickin’ good!

Ragtime fingerpicking started playing in my Reader all by itself, and I followed it to SoundCloud and found Fingerstyle_guitar’s  stream. I’d invite you all to take a look.

There’s a bit of blues, such as St James Infirmary Blues, a Russian Folk Song, some blues harp, and even a kazoo, which got me some contented giggles.

Singing Lalala… Wildersoul bursts into song.

Trent Lewin is an amazing writer, and while browsing his blog I came across a little poem sitting in the corner, which sang to me. With permission, I attempted to add some musical notes to it, and this is the result. For the original words, copyright Trent Lewin, visit his blogpost I See You. He also has a post with a link to another lyrical poet which you might like to visit (That’s where I’m off to next.)

This first one is the serious version:

Next came a bit of letting the hair down…

This one pulled out all the stops.

My first attempt at creating my own tune, recording and publishing it.

If I am up to it, one day, I might attempt to add a musical instrument into the mix and see what happens. Or maybe someone else might like to!! For some reason I am sweating profusely, so I will give myself a bit of time to resolve whatever is going on with my bod first. I laughed at my diddly-doo-dahhhhs. And no, it is not my usual style of music. Although what my ‘usual’ style is, I really do not know!

Memories, a poem by Erl

This poem by Erl, tugged at my heartstrings! Erl is guest blogging this week at Harsh Reality, and you can find her poem there at

For more of Erl’s writing, try her blog at

Wildersoul FM!/wildersoul/broadcast

Tough cookie, tough lady… Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones this morning….

Broadcasting right now… 9.21am NZST

Wildersoul FM is playing now…!/wildersoul/broadcast

It’s a Phoebe Snow morning for me here in New Zealand on a sunny Sunday….

Want your poetry read out on the radio? | No Tall Stories

Want your poetry read out on the radio? | No Tall Stories.

If I can’t broadcast, someone can! Poets have a look at this, is it your kind of radio station?

Seems that unconventional stuff is most welcome.

(Go on…. have  go!)

Send them a link to your poem. Their next show goes out in August.


Morning Wake Me Ups – Wildersoul FM

Hey there people Good Morning! I am broadcasting at Wildersoul FM on Grooveshark. Join me as I look for inspiration and new music to listen to.!/wildersoul/broadcast

I am sifting through the Singer/Songwriter genre…. bit of old and a bit of new.

See you there.

=== It’s almost over now – here are some screenshots to give an idea of what it’s about.

Wildersoul FM screenshot

Wildersoul FM Wake Me Ups Playlist no1

Wildersoul FM Wake Me Ups Playlist no2

Wildersoul FM Wake Me Ups Playlist no3


Even though I am on my last song in the broadcast – please feel free to drop in and have a listen to the playlist I created from today’s selection. It is available at any time, and you can pick and choose what you’d like to listen to.!/playlist/Wake+Me+Ups+number+1/88176449

Jangle Blues

My musical Morning Wake-me-ups have moved to lunchtime warm-me-ups on the back step in the sunshine! Here’s the latest… my fingers are warmer which helps. And yet I still have glitches in my timing. Need a brain tune-up methinks!

Come listen to music with me

Here’s the link.

You can suggest songs, or upvote songs to move them up the queue.

Can even make comments / chat.

Here’s the link.!/wildersoul/broadcast