Blogscapades and Taming the Wild Thing


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What’s on the Menu?

Credit to OM at HarsH ReaLiTy for his Blogging Tips, free advice and some cool stuff on his blog. More tips in his ebook.

See something you like on someone’s blog? Why not ask them how they did it? OM gave me some pointers on how he got all his Add a Line Poetry posts to show up on a Menu tab.  Now I’m going to share it with you, step-by-step.

Add a New Post. That’s easy and I’m sure you already know how to do that.

Before you press the big blue Publish button, look down below it and you’ll see, most likely, a box that says Categories. If you want say, a Poem Art tab to appear on your Menu, then click +Add New Category, and type in Poem Art.

Then press the Add New Category button. Takes a short moment and you will see Poem Art appear in the box that says Categories, at the very top, with a ticked check box.

Simple as that.

Next, when you’ve finished typing your post, or uploading one of my colouring pics from my free online colouring book and using it as a poetry prompt, then press Publish.

Now to get it to appear in your menu.

Go to your Dashboard, and select Appearance > Menus.

If you don’t have a Menu already, just click Create New Menu, and type in something like “My Blog Menu numero Uno” and press Create Menu.

On the left, there are boxes for Pages, Links, and Categories. Choose Categories. You will see your new category in the list. Such as Poem Art. Tick the checkbox beside it. Press the Add to Menu button. It appears in the menu box to the right. Check your Menu Structure, and press Save Menu when you have it how you want it.

A little note at the end….
From memory, your new menu doesn’t need to have your blog’s home page added to it. Have a look at your home page to see if it shows on your menu. If it doesn’t, then you can add it. Just go to your Dashboard, select Appearance > Menus, and type your home page URL into the Links box. You can add your About page or any other page you create, by ticking the checkbox beside it in the Pages box. Press Add to Menu, and press the Save Menu button.

All done, just like that.

Tame that wild thing! These blog tips lurk under the Blogscapades tab on my Menu!


Phew, that is my first Art-Tickle on my blog. The rest is art that sometimes tickles… a funny bone!  Maybe I will try a few different types of art-tickle in future. 

Let me know if any of the instructions seem incomplete when you come to actually following them. I’ll see if I can wrangle an edit into the wild thing! If it means near-fatal injury then I’ll scarper. Unless your blog is used for life-or-death mission critical purposes, in which case, I will take the risk!

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