Love doesn’t come to a stern command
Love is not a slave

Love does its own will
Love has its own way

Love’s awareness
Is with you
When your heart softens to let it in

Love melts down
All the wrong in the world
Into basic elements
And rebuilds it good and new

Chalk Bombing



Well, I’ve been at it again. We zoomed down to the city at the end of the day and after a good bit of climbing and swinging on the new rope playground, I set to work with a bunch of coloured chalks. It was great to notice that I was not the only ‘grown-up’ getting up to monkey business in the park. The rope playground is very cool, and shaped like a ship, with rigging. Great place to bring grandparents to stretch their legs and have a good work-out.

copy of 2013-10-09 18.38.29


My little triangle of colour.

copy of 2013-10-09 18.38.21


View of the harbour in the early evening.

copy of 2013-10-09 18.37.52

Close-up with the springy mat that goes under the ropes.

Photos courtesy of Shaquin.

There are a number of interesting spots that could be good for a Meetup outdoors, for chalk bombing, or colouring in, or even a musical get-together. Try and register your interest, if you are in the area. Or setup a group locally!

Beach art fascinates me, and I found some amazing stuff on Pinterest, so if you’d like to take a look, just scroll down a bit through the art I like, and you’ll find a couple of 3D Chalk Artists, and also a tonne of beach sculptures, sand art, etc.

(Just joined up with Pinterest today – it’s great!)

Show me your chalk bombing pics! Or perhaps, chalk bombing poems?


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Life Update – Creative Contacts

I am determined to move into the equivalent of 15hrs a week paid employment. This means for me, a specific financial goal of $10,140 per year, minimum.

First step – revisit my one page business plan and publish it.
Second step – serious look at time management
Third step – brainstorm ideas for painting… later on look at whether it is relevant.

Now for a list of creative contacts that I am pursuing. I need support for my confidence and personal development, as well as creative and professional development. And it needs to be from within my community if possible. Online community support may turn out to be more suitable for my situation. If this list is helpful to you please feel free to help yourself to contacts! 🙂 I feel this is the best and most accessible place for me to keep it, and to keep adding to it.

Online Community Support
We Poets Show It
Art Is The Cure
Harsh Reality

New Zealand
Creative Spaces – Arts Access Aotearoa
(04) 802 4349

Turning Point Recovery Services

Creative NZ

Chamber of Commerce

Spirituality first…

I feel much calmer, and sleep better, when I put my spirituality first each day. The feeling of racing on an endless running-wheel has departed. Time feels slower and like there is more of it.

Fiddling around with my theme…

I’m trying out some different layouts…

I want to add a blogroll of people healing from trauma, stress, etc, to encourage community. Also, I am losing track with my messy bookmarks, and hope to visit people’s sites more easily direct from my blogroll!

Please drop a line in the comments if you would like to be added to my blogroll. Or email me at

Creating art lets the left brain rest | Who Am I To Stop It

Creating art lets the left brain rest | Who Am I To Stop It.

I am starting to collect info on brains! Anything which links art and creativity with healing, in particular. I will find a way to create a resource list of some sort. For now, I will post whatever I find.

Feel free to explore.

via Creating art lets the left brain rest | Who Am I To Stop It.