Hot jelly meat

I love cooking up a big pot of meat and bones, with all of the jelly that comes out after hours of simmering very gently over a low heat. Incredibly yummy and surprisingly good, in a mineral and nourishing kind of way.

Some of my favourites I’ve tried over the last few years:

Beef bones, real cheap and with the advantage of having some good meat on them to eat with the soup at the end. I have a yummy recipe which uses things like a couple of cloves (the spicy sort), plus chopped garlic, onion, carrot, celery, leek, bay leaf, parsley, thyme, salt, vinegar, and lots of water. I think it is probably an authentic French recipe, as it was originally courtesy of

Pork bones, they taste like Chinese wonton soup, yum. Nice with greens thrown in at the end, like watercress, or puha. I’m sure cabbage would be just fine too.

Pig Trotters, they are absolutely packed full of jelly. I love pouring the leftover soup into a bowl and letting it set solid in the fridge overnight! The hot soup is smooth and delicious and somehow feels very comforting.

Chicken, either whole, or the bony frame with a bit of meat left on it. Maybe a couple of frames. Tasty soup. Nice with all the herbs and spices and veges as per the beef soup.

Fish bones. The head and skeleton properly gutted and cleaned, and thrown in a pot with the company of many more bony fish frames. This soup only needs about one and a half hours rather than 5-6-7 hours. Tastes beautifully fishy and reminds me of swimming in the ocean!

That’s my list for today. I’m off to eat some meaty vegetable soup made from the leftover juice from my yummy yummy Southern Pot Roast from Opinionated Man’s recipe as per yesterday’s post.


Southern Pot Roast and Bacon Wrapped Green Beans with Brown Sugar

I found it! I am snaffling this recipe and bringing it over to my own blog, because it took me ages to find it again, now that I have all the ingredients lined up in the fridge, and a pack of soft brown sugar carefully guarded in a hidden tin in the pantry! I have never cooked a beefy pot roast before, only chicken, so this has got to be a fun adventure. Couldn’t find a “Chuck Roast” so I hope my generic “Pot Roast” lump of beef will do the trick. It looks like a thick steak coiled up in a net. It is a dollar cheaper than the chuck steak, otherwise I would have bought the chuck steak and coiled it up myself! Oh darn… I just noticed I don’t have cream of chicken soup – I will have to use mussel soup stock! Haha… this will be funny. I am supposing that the seasoning is salt and pepper. Well, anyway, here goes!
I wonder if a solid lump of Rump would have been a better choice?