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Just in case anyone was taking me too seriously….  Eek!  It’s Me!  (25 May 2013)

Thu, 16 May 2013

My life is at a standstill suddenly.  There are so many projects I have mapped out in my mind, they are all tangling up in themselves.   I need a few days or even just one dedicated day to sit down and plan out where I am headed.  I’m starting to feel pulled in all sorts of directions.  Quite likely it is all good.  Mentally it is confounding.  I will get out the old-fashioned pen and paper and put down my thoughts to get them out and sorted.  Probably all that is required is a timeline and some sequencing.  And to pull together on a direction, and maybe trim some things out if they are not in line with where I’m heading.

On the healing front – I will need to do a review.  Look back and see where I’ve come from and where I’m heading.

Spiritually.  I really need to focus on where I am at, and mostly “Who” to be with!

Creatively – need a bit more hands on.  I’m pleased with how I’m learning how to use the computer to produce work.  It doesn’t give the same satisfaction as getting my hands into something ‘real.’  Starting to feel that way about being around other creative/spiritual souls too.♥


*Breaking news: The colouring book publishing is practice for me to publish my daughter’s books, until she is of age to do it herself.  Making a colouring book is for people who cannot access it via the internet. Which means it is better for me to create a black and white cover and print it from home, and give it to people personally.  As an added bonus, all those who love the free online colouring book, may like to purchase a keepsake – a bound, higher quality version with a colourful cover, and room to create their own artwork or mini-journal, or poetry inside, and fill with colour!  Three separate missions all wrapped in one.  Two different covers!  I’ve sorted the first mission, which didn’t involve much thought about carefully choosing content, or cover design. So now I have two separate books to create – one for printing from home, and one for making available to my colouring enthusiasts here at my online home! ~Tues, 30 Apr 2013 ~WilderSoul


Mon, 29 Apr 2013

An update

on my life

Colouring Book – third cover design in progress, simple black, white and yellow.  Using a new graphics editing program.  Now it’s easy to see if images are the right DPI.

Music – Vocalizing dirges, and listening to my Grooveshark collection, well mostly a particular Bob Dylan song

Writing – really enjoying writing every day, whether poetry or general blogging, or enjoying discussions in the BigArmchair.  Looks like armchair time may be Fridays/Saturdays.

Healing – PTSD is gone.  From the stress and fear point of view.  Yes, colouring in does still help and has led to more creative pursuits. The physical side of things is going to take longer.  Stress hormones cause problems over a long period of time, and that’s my next focus for healing.

Dance – hmm, well, I got distracted by the gym, which was fantastic for straightening up crooked bits.  Fusion was pretty cool too.

Punching Bag.  I don’t have one at present and have enjoyed punching one in the shop.  I’d like to kick it.  In the carport.

Homeschooling.  Still working on making a product to sell…

Sleep.  Need some…. off to get some…

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    • I like the chair painting – It’s 5:00 somewhere! And I like the little girl with the flowers too! It’s great to start painting. One of my aunties started painting later in life and really enjoyed it.


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