This feels so good. Roadside Stall…

Here’s what I did today… all ready to put out at the gate tomorrow morning as early as I can. If the first five sell, then I will print, staple, trim, and package the next lot and stock up the shelf. I am so childishly excited about this. There are so many times I have helped the kids set up a stall with all manner of things to sell over the years. I built this funny little shelf system, to display a sign and hold things for sale. It has held painted rocks in Aboriginal style, and Caged Stone jewellery.  We covered it all in black fabric and hung the necklaces on the backboard. Today… it’s me who is selling something. Me. Me. Me. Just for me. And it feels Very Strange. It has always been for the kids – everything has always been for the kids.

I am thinking about the people who might walk past and have a look… and thought, what if they would like to have a go and don’t have money on them while they are walking? So I put my tiny box of coloured pencils on the display and a sample book that didn’t quite make the grade for selling… so I have this thrilling sort of feeling over what colours and drawings I might find in the book by the end of the day!

For sale1

I loved covering the box and tin with leftover wallpaper to brighten things up a bit. It reminded me of the time I was off work for “stress-related illness” in my twenties (B.C. – Before Children!) And I started covering tins with fabric, to sell. It was as I neared the end of my six-week doctor-ordered time off. And shortly after, a job that was very well suited for me at the time turned up out of the blue. I have an excited sort of feeling about covering a tin again, and putting up my little roadside stall.

For sale2


I added a bit of colour to start the ball rolling. I wonder who will come by and colour in. I reckon I  might sit near the stall for some of the day, and draw something outdoors.

The reason the book is soooo cheap, is that I have made it entirely myself from home. No middle men, no-one else needs a share in the profit for their part of the work. It is all my blood sweat and tears…. hmm… no blood sweat and tears? Love, creative spark, and putting my printing/publishing knowledge to work. The funniest thing was when I finished designing the sign and recalled how much I was paid for desktop publishing, and the sign would have cost way more than what my colouring books are selling for! I laughed. This is a good exercise in self esteem and confidence. I would like to sell my paintings. I didn’t quite get to the paints yesterday nor today. So it might be something amazing to look forward to doing mañana.

Tomorrow, mañana, I will let you know what comes of all this.

Adiós amigos!

Colouring books

~ an update ~

The last four days have been quite intense. I have a system for uploading colourful and colouring artwork for sale. (At The mix of black and white, with colour in some of my previews appeals to me, and I have a feeling that this colouring book style is going to affect my paintings… Everything is set up for me to start painting.

The plan is to take Friday off from the usual routine, and spend some time perhaps painting, and following Job Leads. Or self-employed Artist leads… The blog may be updated with the next letter of the alphabet, U.

It seems like no problem at all to carry on producing a colouring book pic every day. Each one is hand-drawn and I think of it as my Artist’s Sketchpad. A place to show sketches that may turn into paintings.

The pain in my left shoulder/neck has disappeared. And some Playground Therapy yesterday did me a world of good. The stress had started to build up, and going for a really high swing helped to defuse it, and I found I could breathe properly again. Then a few slides down the bumpy slide for kids a lot younger than I, and I could giggle again… and again…

I highly recommend Playground Therapy.

It also does wonders for the self-esteem. Nothing like hearing you’re amazing, from the mouths of babes. I wonder how high they will attempt to swing tomorrow!

That’s the physiological de-stress. Here’s my mental de-stress technique: If I am pressured to desert my kids with the threat of losing half of our current income, then I will go bush. This is my mental “escape hatch.” It is my way of accepting the worst that could happen, and be totally prepared to face it. An interesting novel caught my eye, which has a colourful description of the slums of India. Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. People made their dwellings out of whatever was on hand. And there was a huge community all living together in the same conditions. The “happiness” is found in everyone being in similar circumstances. It is harder living poor in among the rich. I remember Gandhi wearing his large white sheet, and it didn’t matter where he went, or what dignitaries he met with, he wore what he wore. A man in uniform asked him if he felt underdressed for the occasion. To which Gandhi asked if the heavily decorated and uniformed man felt overdressed.

Full steam ahead. I want to be earning at least some money from my colouring book, and other art, within the next two weeks. Then I have an appointment where I will need to bring evidence of the work and learning I have put in towards setting up this online business. As well as, at the same time, showing that I am looking for any suitable/appropriate work available.

That means writing a CV. I will post it, and link to it on all my blogs. And I will think up a list of things I could possibly offer to do for others for money. Sounds serious doesn’t it! I am required to be working part-time, or in some sort of approved training course, in addition to homeschooling. I am working and learning. The only missing ingredient is the money. Any tips are much appreciated.

I have been told that doubling my price and offering different ‘levels’ of product could work. My introductory prices for September are to get the ball rolling, and make sure that my system works. I intend to aim next for the Fine Art – Digital Art market, and get serious about painting. While retaining the colouring book theme, and the therapeutic angle. I have some leads for places to display or promote my work.

That’s my life update on colouring books for tonight. It’s been a long day. Hope you enjoy the splash of colour at the Wildersoul Colouring Book.

Easy Listening Fast Colouring

Well, I colour in quick, and this is me going even quicker. Eight times quicker! Some easy listening music for a change, until it cuts off at the end. It’s page three of my paperback version of the Wildersoul Colouring Book. You could have a go too! Great fun.

Music courtesy of YouTube, Sunseeker by David O’Brien.

Business Therapy

Or Business School. I’m going to share what I’m up to, and then ask you a question at the end.

  1. Free colouring book with fast, easy drawing. Low time, low (no) cost, low quality…
  2. Sellbox shop with listings on Medium time, low cost, higher quality.
  3. Spoonflower designs made to order, medium time, higher cost, higher quality
  4. Etsy shop with handmade one-off artworks created from Spoonflower designs, on fabric. Highest time, highest cost, highest quality.

To work on next:

  • Keep loading up daily artwork for free colouring book. In a way, this is absolutely free promotion of anything else I create. It is literally a look at the artist’s drawing board, with scribbles and sketches of ideas that may blossom into something later.
  • Create a beautiful and intricate artwork from my Spoonflower design. (Butterfly design on fabric – using beads and fabric paint, and who knows what else. It may turn into a beautiful bag of some sort…)
  • Figure out how to have all my blogs on, so I have only one point of contact. The trick is to make it so it is text only, mostly, on the front page, so that it loads quickly and easily. And also have all of the colouring pictures display as a gallery with no text. I think I can achieve this by carefully adding categories, and putting them into a menu. Or else I will have to figure out some coding, and how to use shortcodes.

Other ideas brewing:

  • A regular radio broadcast
  • A regular tv channel, you know, YouTube channel. With broadcasts, perhaps via Google+
  • Twitter poetry – 140 character poems. Perhaps it could make a good e-book, with photos and/or artwork added.
  • Skype or Gmail video chat available for face-to-face video chat.

My drive to share freely is in gratitude for the wonderfully supportive bloggers on WP, and also in a spirit of passing on what has helped me to heal.

My drive to start a business is to make money to support my family. Call me old fashioned, it kind of breaks my heart, as I believe in the Man having the role of providing for the family. The way I frame this in my mind, is that I am giving my kids the direct experience of seeing and being involved in a business start-up. Gotta be good for them. I love it when they come up with something better. I like to stimulate ideas, and head them down tracks they may not have considered. And then watch them run with it, in directions beyond my imagination or ability.

In the meantime… I am thoroughly enjoying the art I do with my own hands. Finally I am really starting to add colour. Somehow my mind is also tuning in to what other people want or need, that I could perhaps provide.

For now, here’s my question to you: What are your dreams, plans and goals? What is important to you in life right now? And what are your challenges, or disappointments, and how do you frame them so as to get on with things? (Big question…!)

The Boring Poet, Excited Artist

Poetry has gone out the window

as colouring books fly

left and right.


The Artist is shouting

free colouring pics

on a black and white blog


and shouting Colouring Pics!

from the top of her Sellbox

to all passersby


All day she labours hard

to give birth to the physical form of

thoughts and feelings

dreams and ideas
At last,

she rests.

Her work has been shared.


In case you hadn’t heard a tweet, here are two colouring books I am very pleased with. They’re a bit different from your standard. And of course once you have bought and downloaded them, you can print them again and again.  I am focusing on moods or emotion now. Sadness, and Comfort.  Love it if you would visit the best shop I’ve come across yet for selling my own digital files. So easy! And let me know what you think.

#sellbox #wildersoul #coloringbook

Comfort #sellbox #wildersoul #coloringbook

Arriving – brightly in the sky!

This is my weekend attempt at colouring in. I’m hiding it over here on my poetry blog… perhaps wishing that a poem might sprout up beside it one day!



The original colouring pic is part of a series called Comfort. There were about 20 of them drawn in one day.





Our printer ran out of toner, so I traced  the picture very gently from the screen on to a piece of paper. Turned out okay! Had to be careful not to puncture the soft LCD screen!

You could of course, just squiggle a shape, and then turn it into a picture of your own.  It is amazing the many different ideas that can come from the same squiggle.  I used coloured pencils, a pack of 12. Rainbow colours are a good use of the limited number of colours.  I get to blend each colour over the next a little. The black dotty bits are from an ink pen.

This picture is not on the Wildersoul Colouring Book blog. It might be a secret only to be found here!

Have fun with colour! Light up the sky with your rainbow!


Poem Art: Butterfly Celebration

Poem Art: Butterfly Celebration. Look what iaminvisbleme did with my butterfly art! It’s so beautiful!  I like the combination of purple, yellow and pink, it works well together. What a lovely poem!

This touches my heart.

via Poem Art: Butterfly Celebration.

On the search for animation

I found sketchtoy – well it was found for me…

Here’s my first pic –

Keep wondering how to animate Space Face…

Scribbling is good for the soul, have you had a good scribbling lately?

The Weekend Saunters In…

The weekend saunters in

takes a seat

with jovial confidence

Helps him-


to some-

thing to eat.

I curl up warm in

the absence of

a cat. Purr and

fall asleep.


A poem practice with splitting words and sentences across lines. Noticed it has an effect on rhythm, and is conducive to slipping in double meanings.

I’ll call this poem therapy – I enjoy the healing effects of a bit of creativity each day. The drawing and colouring really do it for me. I want to ramp up the writing now, and see what effect it has. Also – my business therapy continues, bumpily, and I foresee that selling larger value stuff will be very important.

Well,there’s an extra motivator to edit stories and publish them! And also to paint. The animations and short films become important too. And collaborations – especially as a long-term thing. The royalties make for a passive income later on.  I guess the ideal would be to make an artwork that just keeps on selling as a print. So my focus becomes to make an artwork that everyone loves.  That’s what my daily drawings find out for me.  Seems that round pictures, symmetrical, with geometric shapes, of something from nature are quite popular and I enjoy making them. Just remembered today how much I really wanted to move into portrait and figure art, and sculpture.

There is time for everything. Photography, film and animation have always fascinated me too. So I will plan for much creativity, and let it all unfold.

As for my one-page business plan – I am stuck on the purpose. Long-term purpose is to create a passive income. I would like it to be open to becoming a family business. And it is all about encouraging creativity.  I have to be careful not to inject fears into my goal setting!

Shorter term goals, are to support myself and my teenagers as best I can.

Medium term goal, I would love to travel, and take my business with me – completely portable.

On a personal front – I would like to be wife and mother… and it will be slow going, as it will take getting to know someone, and finding someone with compatible beliefs and values. So I reckon I would have to place this as a really long-term goal.  And that’s okay.

There! That’s done. The only part left for my one page plan is getting the numbers to add up! What to sell, at what price, to meet costs of living.  Smaller goals to start with – such as to sell five itty bitty $1.40 colouring pics!

Hee hee…. I’ll get there. It’s my testing ground here in WordPress. I will find my niche.

Meantime: Did you know the Wildersoul Colouring Book is on sale at Amazon? (Yes buy it! Buy it now! Ha ha – yes I would like you to do it! hee hee) Here’s a link to some crayons in case you don’t have any. Crayola Crayons Colour Pack, 8 Colours/Box.   I use Faber Castell colouring pencils although I notice they cost a bit more than the crayons! Although, I see some are sold new for just a couple of dollars. Depends what’s in stock! Amazon is pretty cool when you have free shipping.

Messiness, I mean ‘Busi-ness’

My mind is a mess

My faulty thoughts

open yawning crevasses

and paint mirages

of a bridge

across the divide.


Failed assurances

to take the role of the man

Provide for a family

and absolve responsibility.


I am not a man.

Closing doors with chilly fear




just out of reach.

The fire is licking

the hearth. As I stare

in the frosty window,



This is where business meets the crossroads with personal. What is the purpose of my business?

Artwork helps to heal…

Perhaps this is bigger than me. My fear cannot be the purpose. It is like planning for what I do not wish to come. To provide for myself and baby alone? Where is the man? Dead?  Surely planning for life is better than planning for death?

What really is the purpose of my business? To help heal.

I could add all sorts of extras. To educate, or to entertain.  Not to protect me from grief and inevitable change. It is time for me to trust.

My business is not about me. It is about what I can do for others.

It is its own entity. My business helps to heal. So… it is in the health industry.

I am revising my one-page plan. This one won’t kill off my man.