Butterfly and orphan cat


I finally got a photo of a butterfly. They are pretty shy and cautious and hard to get close to with a camera. This is what they are busy doing, laying eggs on the underside of the swan plant leaves.

There are a few photos to load up on to the Wildersoul Rainbows blog. I will get to it soon.

It is hard to believe that summer is not far away. It has been a very short winter, and an early start to warmer spring weather.

This butterfly is likely to end up in a colouring book…

As for the orphan cat… he/she is quite a character, and very very talkative. Pretty well all day and all night. It had a play with my camera strap so I got some unusual photos out of that. They will end up at Wildersoul Rainbows too.

Well… I will post one here.

DSC08924All is well.


Woke up and things had changed

Walls and barriers split

and gone

I stretch my butterfly wings

and silently sing

my song

Beating wings to rhythm of sky

Colours and nectar make me


Homing in to where I’m from

Leave a little egg…

Poem Art: Butterfly Celebration

Poem Art: Butterfly Celebration. Look what iaminvisbleme did with my butterfly art! It’s so beautiful!  I like the combination of purple, yellow and pink, it works well together. What a lovely poem!

This touches my heart.

via Poem Art: Butterfly Celebration.

Love Is Like A Butterfly

Love Is Like A Butterfly.

This is such a lovely quote! I love how this site has lots of quotes, written on a chalkboard every time.

via Love Is Like A Butterfly.