Best news about e-books!

I am stoked! This is what I learned today from the experts of Kindle…

“Although the Amazon Kindle does not have any printing functionality, a user can copy pages to “My Clippings”, copy them to their desktop computer by using the USB cable, and then print from there.”

This means that my colouring book artwork can be printed out from an e-book that I can sell on Amazon. Time to get busy!

Hmm. A double-check… does anyone have an Amazon Kindle that they can test this out on and tell us how well it works? It is apparently good for printing out a recipe to use in the kitchen, too.



PDF downloads and e-book ideas, mixed with a bit of spontaneous creativity… and add a dash of marketing – hopefully means some sales!

I spent some time today putting together a PDF colouring book, after googling that Amazon had something called eDocs that were mainly PDFs and printable. eDocs were also supposed to be smaller than eBooks… and sounded like just what I needed for digital sales of my colouring book art.

Once I finished the PDF, try as I might, I could not find how to upload a PDF to Amazon as an eDoc. So I am waiting for a reply to an email for help. Somehow I think that eDocs no longer exist. So I am not holding my breath.

My next idea, is to make an e-book, and build in a way to allow my e-book buyers to print out the pictures! My cunning plan is to add links within the e-book, which take the reader through to a PDF download page, which they can print from within Adobe Reader, or similar. So the price of the e-book covers the printable artwork.

There will need to be probably some sort of password protection on the download page. And it can be a page on my blog, that cannot be accessed except by people who bought the e-book. Readers would find their password inside the e-book. Thomas Edison comes to mind as I discard yet another idea on the way to whatever comes of my colouring book adventure. Goodbye eDoc idea!

This e-book… I have thoughts of it being the most fantastic e-book ever. Then I would have to figure out how to make it so. The key, I think, is the links. To be able to click a link from my e-book reader and be taken somewhere special, that relates to the page I’m reading. This does not always have to be a colouring book page. It could be a link to a video, or an audio recording of a poem which the reader is looking at in the e-book, which includes some other ramblings by the poet beyond what can be read on the page.

It could link to a blog, anybody’s blog, on a related topic. One link per page. One “call to action,” so as not to confuse the reader with too many things to do. Don’t want to overload with too many choices.

Singing and music could sprout up from a link. The e-book becomes a bit like a slice of a blog, which can be sold on Amazon.

The e-book itself is the “shop front.” And the blog becomes the warehouse storage behind the scenes. With a window display that can be freely perused by blog followers. The window display is made up of the free pages and posts on the blog. There will have to be private pages or posts that can only be accessed via the “shop front” e-book. They must not be available via Google searches. The hidden pages or posts would probably need a visible page which explains that access is via buying the e-book, with a direct link to Amazon where it can be bought with One-Click.

I am liking this idea more and more. Probably someone has done it already, and I would like to have a search and see what their e-book and blog looks like. More research to do…

Meantime… it is time to prepare forms and paperwork for the US taxman. If I work things right then hopefully I won’t lose another 30% from the grand total of less than $15 made in online sales so far. So, yeah, I haven’t hit the big-time yet. The e-book idea is compelling. And I hadn’t thought of what to put into an e-book before. This one I hope will be a best-seller.

  1. Art
  2. Poetry
  3. Links

That is the basic interior of the e-book. Then come the links:

  1. Colouring book pages of the printable variety
  2. Fine art / digital art for download, or physical delivery
  3. Audio poetry reading
  4. Video introduction
  5. Video for kids
  6. Links to authors, poets, and creative communities
  7. Links to bloggers
  8. Links to a series of stories, or comics, that come out in episodes. Like an index page. Or table of contents. Hmm I don’t know if authors/comic artists would receive royalties from the e-book, or if they would pay for a link to be added! Hee hee. Maybe treat it the same as links between blogs. Good traffic boosters.

Now, the e-book would “expire” in a funny way. The next e-book would have a new password to access the next lot of links.

Possibly the old passwords could be removed and the old links only accessible by buying the next e-book. The price and timing would be important. It would be a bit like a subscription, which could be paid monthly, or yearly, or six-monthly. Depending on how often a new e-book is created.

I will need to think about it all some more. Thought others might benefit from thinking along the same lines. And there is surely room for collaboration by artists, writers and all other creative types… A bit of spontaneous creativity gone wild would be a lot of fun.

Thank you to my top referrers…

WP Referrers Screenshot - 210813 - 20:07:17


Thank you Google Search and Google Image Search, who referred about half each of the 1,430 views

Thank you Yahoo and all of you who visit from your Yahoo mailbox!

Thank you Gravatar for a handy way for people to connect

Thank you WordPress Dashboard… err.. I am wondering if that is Me clicking on my stuff

Thank you Opinionated Man, look at those views coming through from your site!

Thank you Twitter, I am enjoying the poetic connection

Thank you my other little blogs which link to the colouring book

Thank you Facebook, for a portal through to the blog! That’s 31 referrals compared to 7 likes! (Still haven’t got the hang of FB.)

Thank you Daily Post, I enjoy the occasional Weekly Photo Challenge with fellow WordPress photographers, artists and poets.

Most of these referrals happen without me doing anything except keep posting stuff and tagging it, and setting up ‘Publicize’ to send a link to my other social media sites when I press “Publish.”

The exception is OM’s blog, where it is so easy to get absorbed in the conversation with the many bloggers who enjoy gathering around OM’s campfire, so to speak. This was a bit of an eye-opener. If you’ve never visited before, I would recommend trying the Southern Pot Roast and Green Beans wrapped with bacon… and check out the blogging tips.

To all the three hundred odd referrers who make up the rest of the list, a Mighty Big Thank You goes out to you. Many names I recognize from comments and conversations, and meeting up on blogs. Some I know have colouring pictures on their blogs, with links to send people to the Wildersoul Colouring Book. I thank you all so very much for your support.

Where do your referrals come from?

Not so early to bed, and new colouring book

Thought I would have a hot bath and go to bed early to try to fix this tiredness problem. It’s almost 10pm, so I am going to see if it will be another 12 hour stint. (No I don’t believe in alarm clocks!) We are also trying for around two hours exercise in the afternoon. I wonder if this is what brings on the sleepiness…. It makes a change from insomnia!

My new colouring book is on the way, and may even be cheaper to print here and post overseas, as well as delivering to kiwis, locally. If you would like to divulge your postal address, I will put you on the mailing list. It would be a big step in trust! Best to send it to rather than posting it in the comments.

On the subject of food, I opened a can of organic coconut cream, and we heated it in a bowl set into a pot of hot water. This melted it down from it’s chunky solidified state. Then we sat it in the fridge and the coconut oil rose and set on top. Underneath this is the sweetest coconut milk, pretty much tasting like how it would straight out of the fresh nut. Mix it with a teaspoon of molasses and top up with hot water, and it’s a very soothing night-time drink. The cool hardened coconut oil feels cool to the skin, and cool when it melts on the tongue. Apparently a teaspoon a day keeps Alzeimers at bay! Very cool. And tasty.

Night all!
One more comment to make… on,
then I’m off. Catch up tomorrow!

Easy Listening Fast Colouring

Well, I colour in quick, and this is me going even quicker. Eight times quicker! Some easy listening music for a change, until it cuts off at the end. It’s page three of my paperback version of the Wildersoul Colouring Book. You could have a go too! Great fun.

Music courtesy of YouTube, Sunseeker by David O’Brien.

Business Therapy

Or Business School. I’m going to share what I’m up to, and then ask you a question at the end.

  1. Free colouring book with fast, easy drawing. Low time, low (no) cost, low quality…
  2. Sellbox shop with listings on Medium time, low cost, higher quality.
  3. Spoonflower designs made to order, medium time, higher cost, higher quality
  4. Etsy shop with handmade one-off artworks created from Spoonflower designs, on fabric. Highest time, highest cost, highest quality.

To work on next:

  • Keep loading up daily artwork for free colouring book. In a way, this is absolutely free promotion of anything else I create. It is literally a look at the artist’s drawing board, with scribbles and sketches of ideas that may blossom into something later.
  • Create a beautiful and intricate artwork from my Spoonflower design. (Butterfly design on fabric – using beads and fabric paint, and who knows what else. It may turn into a beautiful bag of some sort…)
  • Figure out how to have all my blogs on, so I have only one point of contact. The trick is to make it so it is text only, mostly, on the front page, so that it loads quickly and easily. And also have all of the colouring pictures display as a gallery with no text. I think I can achieve this by carefully adding categories, and putting them into a menu. Or else I will have to figure out some coding, and how to use shortcodes.

Other ideas brewing:

  • A regular radio broadcast
  • A regular tv channel, you know, YouTube channel. With broadcasts, perhaps via Google+
  • Twitter poetry – 140 character poems. Perhaps it could make a good e-book, with photos and/or artwork added.
  • Skype or Gmail video chat available for face-to-face video chat.

My drive to share freely is in gratitude for the wonderfully supportive bloggers on WP, and also in a spirit of passing on what has helped me to heal.

My drive to start a business is to make money to support my family. Call me old fashioned, it kind of breaks my heart, as I believe in the Man having the role of providing for the family. The way I frame this in my mind, is that I am giving my kids the direct experience of seeing and being involved in a business start-up. Gotta be good for them. I love it when they come up with something better. I like to stimulate ideas, and head them down tracks they may not have considered. And then watch them run with it, in directions beyond my imagination or ability.

In the meantime… I am thoroughly enjoying the art I do with my own hands. Finally I am really starting to add colour. Somehow my mind is also tuning in to what other people want or need, that I could perhaps provide.

For now, here’s my question to you: What are your dreams, plans and goals? What is important to you in life right now? And what are your challenges, or disappointments, and how do you frame them so as to get on with things? (Big question…!)

The Boring Poet, Excited Artist

Poetry has gone out the window

as colouring books fly

left and right.


The Artist is shouting

free colouring pics

on a black and white blog


and shouting Colouring Pics!

from the top of her Sellbox

to all passersby


All day she labours hard

to give birth to the physical form of

thoughts and feelings

dreams and ideas
At last,

she rests.

Her work has been shared.


In case you hadn’t heard a tweet, here are two colouring books I am very pleased with. They’re a bit different from your standard. And of course once you have bought and downloaded them, you can print them again and again.  I am focusing on moods or emotion now. Sadness, and Comfort.  Love it if you would visit the best shop I’ve come across yet for selling my own digital files. So easy! And let me know what you think.

#sellbox #wildersoul #coloringbook

Comfort #sellbox #wildersoul #coloringbook

Comfort via Sellbox

Such a relief.

Sellbox is the easiest and most relevant way I have found to sell my digital products straight from my blog, or other social media.

Have a quick peek if you like, because you might want to start selling your work the same way.

All that is needed is a DropBox account.

A PayPal account.

And a Sellbox account.

It’s as easy as uploading a file to DropBox, and putting a price on it.

I am stoked.

Sellbox takes 5%, and PayPal (at least for me!) takes about 30c + 2.9%

Now I really want to see what happens when someone buys my Comfort colouring book. It has five pages, ready to print out and colour in. Plus a cover sheet, which has all five pics on it. You can colour that too if you want!

Check it out – Comfort 

Hope it brings you comfort too.


The Connection Between Art and Literacy by Susan Striker

The Connection Between Art and Literacy by Susan Striker.

Susan does some amazing work with art, kids, and education. I like her views on colouring books, and the Anti-Coloring Book® series she created.

There’s nothing like a good SCRIBBLE.

Happy Scribbling!


via The Connection Between Art and Literacy by Susan Striker.

Butterflies and bumblebees

My new Esty shop has butterflies and bumblebees for sale, neatly packed into colouring books that are printable and downloadable. It took me four hours today to create and upload them all, with a sample on my blog and Butterfly Woman‘s blog, and a Twitter and Facebook update.  I’m getting used to how the shop works, and how quick the pages load.  The PayPal works well, and Etsy tests that out for me at the start, so I feel secure and confident about it.

I visited the tax office, and feel relieved that it is much easier than I expected.  I don’t need to keep records of every single person who buys stuff.  A total for the month is fine, and Amazon and Etsy and PayPal all provide monthly reports so – sweeeet.

Thinking of it like a fish n’ chip shop, and tallying up the till.

I’ll change my WuFoo form so it doesn’t collect billing details.

Right. That’s my update.  The shop really does seem ‘live’ now. Even though I haven’t sold anything yet!

Let you in on a secret. I really like to give the colouring pictures for free online here. ( And all of this setting up shop carry-on, is like a non-stressful test run to get ready to sell other stuff……. won’t think about it too much yet. Don’t want to freak myself out!

Meantime – my canvas textured paper is still sitting on my desk, ready to start on a portrait in acrylics.  And my new confidence with building PDFs and uploading them for sale, is spurring me on to create an illustrated book of poems.  I have tried some very basic HTML in a text file, and tested it out in a browser window. It works. The pictures look enormous.  Then when I pull the whole thing into Kindle and preview it, the image sizes reduce to fit on the page. I haven’t perfected getting them the right size to go with the text. That’s my next mission. (I’m working on it, CP!)