This feels so good. Roadside Stall…

Here’s what I did today… all ready to put out at the gate tomorrow morning as early as I can. If the first five sell, then I will print, staple, trim, and package the next lot and stock up the shelf. I am so childishly excited about this. There are so many times I have helped the kids set up a stall with all manner of things to sell over the years. I built this funny little shelf system, to display a sign and hold things for sale. It has held painted rocks in Aboriginal style, and Caged Stone jewellery.  We covered it all in black fabric and hung the necklaces on the backboard. Today… it’s me who is selling something. Me. Me. Me. Just for me. And it feels Very Strange. It has always been for the kids – everything has always been for the kids.

I am thinking about the people who might walk past and have a look… and thought, what if they would like to have a go and don’t have money on them while they are walking? So I put my tiny box of coloured pencils on the display and a sample book that didn’t quite make the grade for selling… so I have this thrilling sort of feeling over what colours and drawings I might find in the book by the end of the day!

For sale1

I loved covering the box and tin with leftover wallpaper to brighten things up a bit. It reminded me of the time I was off work for “stress-related illness” in my twenties (B.C. – Before Children!) And I started covering tins with fabric, to sell. It was as I neared the end of my six-week doctor-ordered time off. And shortly after, a job that was very well suited for me at the time turned up out of the blue. I have an excited sort of feeling about covering a tin again, and putting up my little roadside stall.

For sale2


I added a bit of colour to start the ball rolling. I wonder who will come by and colour in. I reckon I  might sit near the stall for some of the day, and draw something outdoors.

The reason the book is soooo cheap, is that I have made it entirely myself from home. No middle men, no-one else needs a share in the profit for their part of the work. It is all my blood sweat and tears…. hmm… no blood sweat and tears? Love, creative spark, and putting my printing/publishing knowledge to work. The funniest thing was when I finished designing the sign and recalled how much I was paid for desktop publishing, and the sign would have cost way more than what my colouring books are selling for! I laughed. This is a good exercise in self esteem and confidence. I would like to sell my paintings. I didn’t quite get to the paints yesterday nor today. So it might be something amazing to look forward to doing mañana.

Tomorrow, mañana, I will let you know what comes of all this.

Adiós amigos!

Speed colouring! I give it 800%!

Here’s me scribbling furiously in colour this time!

(See the speedy creation of the original drawing here.)

Cheers to Tarina for the video editing, and YouTube for sounds, Big Drum Hit by Jessie Chambers.