My name is Wisdom.

I am my mother’s son.

Too many stole my name

treated it with contempt

discarded it with savage grins

Now I wear it in pain.

My name is Horror

I am closer than your skin

My home is the cage your heart is trapped within

I am tended to by psychopaths

whose gilded tongues beguile

those who keep on choosing

to believe in all their lies.

My name is Shame

I am your name.

Your name is Honour

You have dug out from your grave

Faced the sunlight

With eyes pure and bright

Exposing grim remains

The evidence before the Court

kills off laughter

murders jest

Horror, Shame and Indifference

are sorely put to the test.

Wisdom stands to the side

Weighing up the case in hand

Grinners and beguilers

are hatefully held in contempt

as the scales tip the balance

and pain slips to the other side.