Colouring in, footpaths and chalk

Have you tried colouring in on the footpath with chalk?

Would you like to have a go tomorrow, and send in photos, or a link, to display on my colouring book blog?

Tomorrow I plan to take over a piece of footpath on the waterfront, and brighten it up with a bit of colour. Not just words scrawled about… Something beautiful. Something for the skateboards to run over. Something to dance on. Something to sit on, or fall off a bike and roll on, printing a chalky pattern on to your jeans…

Something for the rain to wash away…

Have you tried it? Do you want to? Love to see what you come up with. Chalk bombing! ^__^

Put Off.

Seems like everything is being put off in some way or another. I’m sticking to the daily artwork uploads.. and that is pulling me through with some semblance of continuity.

There are many projects I want to work on. And I have a program called Trello to figure out, for visual drag and drop project management. I think that a colouring group is highest priority. I need real people to connect with.

Who knows. Maybe this is all coming down to ‘get a haircut and get a real job…’

I see so many artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, poets, and all sorts of creative types, who have a day job, (or night job), and do their creative work outside of those hours. Perhaps that is about to happen for me too.

The future of my online colouring book was never certain. It was the start of something that I hoped would lead to work for an income, whether that was from the colouring book itself, or from the skills I learned along the way.

I have to say, I have quite fallen in love with it. And all it entails. However, work for money is now high priority. And from the last three interviews I get the overall picture that there ought not be anybody on any sort of welfare anywhere. The world has no place for the poor, the sick, the bereft. The thought of Mao Zedong “cleaning up” the streets of China looms heavy on my mind. Never mind the Bible, (John 12:8) in the words of Jesus, “For you have the poor always with you.” Not if they are killed off by the rich and powerful. The thought of my artwork pinned on the wall like some dead butterfly for someone’s greedy hope of it becoming a golden egg somehow completely puts me off creating anything of beauty or worth. It feels like creating a child to hand over to a slave trader for some pieces of silver.

So… the focus on healing is closest to my heart. That could continue whether it is my main job or not. A colouring picture a day…

Setting up a group to meet and colour… in this town, it is probably quite relevant. Many have no appreciation of the arts. Perhaps colouring in could be the very first step… to colouring outside the lines. Rather than a child learning to make marks on a blank sheet of paper, we could be working backwards, to get to the blank sheet. To undo the picture, back to the start. And start again, fresh and devoid of expectations. Throwing away the limitations to the creative mind. Allowing… letting… freeing…

As much as I would like to work on collaborations… right now it is time to advertise a colouring group.

#RollingSleevesUp #ReadyToWork

#BringOnThePeople #GoodByePTSD


Who else wants to have a go organising a colouring group in their local area? Feel free to use colouring pictures from the Wildersoul Colouring Book. Let’s get sociable. Even if it is awkward.

Computer Skills

Hokey cokey. Here’s a huge list of computer skills, ready to add to my not-yet-created CV.

  • Inkscape – vector graphics editor
  • GIMP – image editor, similar to Photoshop
  • blogs
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+,, Goodreads – social media
  • self-hosted blog (basics)
  • Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems.
  • Scribus – page layout and publication (desktop publishing program, similar to Pagemaker)
  • CreateSpace paperback self-publishing
  • Amazon Kindle e-book self-publishing
  • Gmail for email, also familiar with Outlook.
  • Chromium browser (Linux version of Chrome)
  • OpenOffice, LibreOffice, similar to MS Office.
  • OpenShot video editor. Also familiar with iMovie for Mac, and MovieMaker for Windows
  • SoundCloud audio
  • Grooveshark broadcasting, and recording
  • YouTube video
  • VideoPress on WordPress
  • Audacity – record and edit audio files
  • Skype, Google Talk
  • Synfig Studio – 2D animation (basics)
  • DropBox – file sharing in the Cloud
  • Sellbox – upload and sell digital files from DropBox
  • Previous experience with Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, although not currently using them.

I am a quick learner, and most of the above programs I set myself to learn over the last year. I have self-published two books, one for me and one for another author. All of the above computer skills are useful for setting up an online business. And that is what I have been working on, while also sharing knowledge and experiences with the children I homeschool.

It would be wonderful to have work within the creative industry. Perhaps there are services I could offer. Or I could perhaps teach others these computer skills. Three hours a day, five days a week… book a time and name a price 🙂

Mostly, I am working on creating and selling my artwork online, and learning to run my own business. This takes a lot of reading, some meeting with experts, and a fair bit of trial and error with good old-fashioned roll-the-sleeves-up hard work.

Transferable Skills

This is a huge list that wouldn’t really fit on a CV, so I will have to decide what to put on and what to leave off. Notably I left out the entire section on “Dealing with Data.” I pretty much burnt my brain out with analyzing data and facts, investigating, locating answers or information, classifying, comparing, inspecting, recording facts, counting, observing, compiling, research, detail-oriented… and it would not be a good job match for me at present. I can deal with it in the doses required in my home-life, and that is my limit.

Here goes – my transferable skills:

All of the Creative, Artistic section

artistic, music appreciation, dance, body movement, perform, act, draw, sketch, render, present artistic ideas, play instruments, expressive.

Working with People section

patient, care for, pleasant, counsel people, sensitive, supportive, help others, insightful, teach, anticipate needs, open-minded, kind, take orders, listen, serving, trust, working with others, understand, adaptable

Most of the Leadership section

Motivate people, plan, delegate, run meetings, direct others, explain things to others, self-motivated, get results, think of others, direct projects, team builder, solve problems, mediate problems, take risks, empowering others.

(Must note that this is the natural position of a homeschooling sole mother. Whether it transfers to any environment is the question. Those I direct and motivate are my own children.)

Some Key or Other transferable skills

Customer service oriented, accepted responsibility, desire to learn and improve, solve problems, team player, work independently, computer skills

Use my hands, assemble or make things, safety-conscious, follow instructions

And lastly, the Using Words, Ideas section

Innovative, logical, research, create new ideas, design, understand the big picture

I’ve bolded the skills which stand out to me the most. That is; artistic, draw, sketch, render, help others, adaptable, self-motivated, get results, work independently, computer skills, use my hands, assemble or make things, innovative, create new ideas, design, understand the big picture.

I will list the computer skills in a separate post. This is a different kind of CV than I have made in the past. Interesting process of looking at myself and seeing what is there which might be of use outside of the home. Apparently I can enter my CV into and it will pop up with ‘suitable’ or ‘appropriate’ job vacancies relating to my skills and interests. I feel a bit weird about this, as it also puts my CV in front of possible employers, whom I do not know. This is different to what I am used to, where I have either been introduced to an employer by someone I know well, or I have searched for, and sent a letter with a CV to them, after doing some research, and choosing an employer within the field and position I wish to work in.

What seems to be overlooked by those who know nothing about homeschooling, is that it is a whole bunch of skills in itself.

The latest article I read on homeschooling:

This feels so good. Roadside Stall…

Here’s what I did today… all ready to put out at the gate tomorrow morning as early as I can. If the first five sell, then I will print, staple, trim, and package the next lot and stock up the shelf. I am so childishly excited about this. There are so many times I have helped the kids set up a stall with all manner of things to sell over the years. I built this funny little shelf system, to display a sign and hold things for sale. It has held painted rocks in Aboriginal style, and Caged Stone jewellery.  We covered it all in black fabric and hung the necklaces on the backboard. Today… it’s me who is selling something. Me. Me. Me. Just for me. And it feels Very Strange. It has always been for the kids – everything has always been for the kids.

I am thinking about the people who might walk past and have a look… and thought, what if they would like to have a go and don’t have money on them while they are walking? So I put my tiny box of coloured pencils on the display and a sample book that didn’t quite make the grade for selling… so I have this thrilling sort of feeling over what colours and drawings I might find in the book by the end of the day!

For sale1

I loved covering the box and tin with leftover wallpaper to brighten things up a bit. It reminded me of the time I was off work for “stress-related illness” in my twenties (B.C. – Before Children!) And I started covering tins with fabric, to sell. It was as I neared the end of my six-week doctor-ordered time off. And shortly after, a job that was very well suited for me at the time turned up out of the blue. I have an excited sort of feeling about covering a tin again, and putting up my little roadside stall.

For sale2


I added a bit of colour to start the ball rolling. I wonder who will come by and colour in. I reckon I  might sit near the stall for some of the day, and draw something outdoors.

The reason the book is soooo cheap, is that I have made it entirely myself from home. No middle men, no-one else needs a share in the profit for their part of the work. It is all my blood sweat and tears…. hmm… no blood sweat and tears? Love, creative spark, and putting my printing/publishing knowledge to work. The funniest thing was when I finished designing the sign and recalled how much I was paid for desktop publishing, and the sign would have cost way more than what my colouring books are selling for! I laughed. This is a good exercise in self esteem and confidence. I would like to sell my paintings. I didn’t quite get to the paints yesterday nor today. So it might be something amazing to look forward to doing mañana.

Tomorrow, mañana, I will let you know what comes of all this.

Adiós amigos!

Fiddling around with my theme…

I’m trying out some different layouts…

I want to add a blogroll of people healing from trauma, stress, etc, to encourage community. Also, I am losing track with my messy bookmarks, and hope to visit people’s sites more easily direct from my blogroll!

Please drop a line in the comments if you would like to be added to my blogroll. Or email me at

Chatting about the Flash Fiction

Here is a handy place to introduce yourself, chat about your flash fiction, wonder what is going on, express yourself outside of the story, talk about ideas you want to add next, and generally hang out in a written-word kind of way, while we all build an amazing piece of writing together. Have a laugh 🙂 Invite friends and blogger buddies.

Heelllllooooo everybodeeeee! And Welcome 🙂

Feel free to drop your blog links here too.

Writing buddies, writing group, Add a Something Flash Fiction

Just recently I started “Add a Something Flash Fiction” and now I want to invite people to join in and also bring along more buddies to get the creativity really rolling. Let’s make up a story.

The lack of rules for today are:

1. Break them

2. Don’t stick to the 50 words for a beginning, middle or end.

3. Choose from the Topics, or make up your own…. let’s get started! 🙂

Here are some Topics:

1. Cheese sticks

2. Like a Rhino

3. My mother wouldn’t

Extra Notes:

Yes, it is okay to put one single word. Or “splat.”

Yes it is okay to write over 50 words, and copy and paste them into your own blog post.

It’s also okay to write a few words here, and then go write lots more on your own blog.

And it is okay to link back here, because we might like to come visit and see what else you’ve written!

If you want a special place to chat about what is happening, well….. what I will do is create another post right now, called “Chatting about the Flash Fiction.” Feel free to comment freely on it.

Okay – first commenter gets to pick the topic and set the scene… go for it! 🙂