Private life of me

Public life is easier with an anonymous identity. In real life, when I meet people face to face, and then sit down at my blog, I become acutely aware that that person may be looking at what I write! Reality is that they may not ever read a word I write.

Sooooooo……. (looks up at ceiling) I have to get over this self-consciousness.

Could crawling back into my shell cure the problem? (laughs)

I am also aware of my family quietly checking in on the latest news (waves – “Hi Mum!”)

All those things that come to mind to write about are quickly discarded, such as trauma, health, relationships, business progress, religion, my emotional life – especially through poetry, and pretty much everything.

The colouring book is fiiiine, it doesn’t seem to get affected by self-consciousness.

Perhaps I could don an anonymous personality purely for my writing, and start afresh! This blog actually has become pretty quiet lately, and seems to have lost a definite focus. It’s been a bit all over the place since I started to get serious about earning an income online.

If you are visiting for the first time, or a regular follower, pleeease share any tips on what you might do to get over this sort of self-consciousness. Is the anonymous way the best bet do you think?

Or would it work to dedicate this blog to a certain thing, such as poetry, and make every post a piece of poetry? I appreciate your input!


A shift in direction

To those who may be following the continuing saga of my colouring book…

I am shifting towards making contacts locally and using the internet to keep in touch with people I know in person.

This is changing my idea of how to go about blogging, and also how to ‘do business’ over the internet.

Nothing personal, I have disconnected from people I don’t know in person on Facebook and LinkedIn. Until I figure out what to do next I have made these two social media sites as private as I can for now. I don’t mind the anonymous contacts on WordPress or Twitter.

The stats on my blog were a bit of an eye-opener. It’s mostly Google searches that refer people to my blog. And I am learning a bit at a time about setting up my own business. Seems a singular focus works best for me, or I get too worn down. So I am going to focus only on the colouring book. And test out whether I can keep it to a 9am to 5pm routine.

The idea of a “brains trust” interests me greatly.

Also, I want to individually contact therapists, rather than trying to attract a following through blogging. This is part of chipping out a little niche on the particular crag I am climbing. If I want 400 paid subscribers, then I will need to contact at least 400 actual local people or organisations and talk to them.

That’s a big mission for me. Actually, it would be a year or so of daily contacts! I could treat it much the same as my daily uploads of artwork.

Before that, I want to get my colouring book zipped up ready for download.

And somewhere along the way I want to look a bit deeper at the issues hiding beneath the colouring book. This will take a bit of personal reflection.

When I have it all sorted, it will move on over to  Whatever form it ends up taking.

Thanks for being here.




Some changes of plan
Our $5000 goal stripped
to a skinny fifth

Our extended tour retracted
to a short flight
with clipped wings

Direction in life
like lava rocks
lining a molten river

To combine goals
First collect
A Car,
A House,
A Dream
Of friends
Over Seas


Keep the moths away

My writing prompt for today is to keep the moths away.

You have a nice character

People are drawn to you…


They are – it’s not like you’re trying to be anything. You’re just like that.

Mmmmm-Hmm….Take the word ‘trying’ out of there. Just be who you are.

But… that IS who you are!

Mmm-Hm. You got to keep the moths away, they hurt themselves.



So you are artificial? An artificial light?

No no. The moths are after something unnatural, instead of something natural.

So are you the sun?

The moths cannot reach the sun, it is too far.  They fly as high as they can, and they find their direction.


I am listening to beautiful music.