Little surprises

Can you find some surprises on this page?
I keep thinking of those Pages that you have to add to a menu, or link somewhere. And I haven’t really linked any before, and I think it could be fun.

As an easy example, here is a colouring page.



butterfly 7 low-res

Guess where this secret portal takes you…

(Hint: you do not need to swallow your tail to find out!)


More to come as time gallops on…

Maid in Bedlam

I like this!

“I love my love, because I know my love loves me”

I signed up for GoodReads, and found that my favourite books that came to mind, were audio books, or stories I had heard over the radio as a kid.

This is leading me down a different path of thought… and I started exploring SoundCloud to see if I could find the elusive thing I am searching for, seeking, on the verge of finding.

There is so much potential in blogland, and when connected with social media…. to make something amazing.

Something new.

Something not done before.

I seek…

and I will find.