Mantis exodus

Baby mantises look outside

Hey, buddy! The exit is over here!

Baby mantises mass exodus

Whoa, be quick, we are being followed!
Hey, why are we glowing?

Baby mantises team huddle

Team talk, gang! Time for a huddle! Where did those two go?

We took such great care not to disturb the foamy mantis egg case, and it has paid off! We have hundreds of little friends to keep us amused. Many of them went out the window, and yet there are still odd ones turning up on my computer, or hunting for things to eat on my desk… unsuccessfully. They are surprisingly agile, and springy. Once I herd them on to my finger they try leaping off as soon as they can. They are a bit like grasshoppers at this age. Skinny ones with bug-eyes and swivelling triangle heads.


Mantis egg case – Photo courtesy Shaquin.


Did you know that mantises are great friends for the garden? They eat all sorts of pesky bugs like mosquitos, flies, night-moths, and vege-munching caterpillars!

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Thoughtful response to another reminder to beware, after hearing of one more fake suicide.

single crystalline white petal
unfolds the truth
glows inside a white fire
diamond heart which shatters
with your pure voice.


Lie to me
Tell me the truth
Leave me
I see you
You need me
I know you
Say I love you
Walk away, no goodbye.


I (don't) believe in you
You are (no) different
So (dis)honest
You love me (not)
My mind is (never) made up
Truth is (un)real


My hands shook my knees too
My eyes darted, where to?
Hide or run away, there is no place
like Here to Stay, Stand Firm.


MIA said Do You Care?
SAD replied No.
And yet too much.


Not Test.


Sue Is Siding with Loveless
Life is Scorning Sue
The thing to do?


Depression damp and heavy
my mind rusts to the truth
which used to be sharp
Poison Tipped Shiny Dagger
in your hands.


Closed doors bar my mind entry
into the Night before
The hinges rust off and I am free
to see inside it is not pretty 


The cloak of anonymity discarded
for the secret of being me.


A mind sparkles, aflame and aflare
Brightening the night, with blinding glare
Eyes close in peace
Not one missed jigsaw piece


Your mind has encompassed the world
and lazily traverses it 100 times a day
while plodders stumble and toil
on their own soil


In dark hours your voice is a strong lifeline of presence
While shivering your words shelter me
A fire ignites in my heart


don't worry I'm still here no suicide note I see you care
and yet it's all a dream because I do not believe you know me


The aching need to find the truth of who cares at all,
who cares the most, deeply strangles my red raw throat,
I die, you cry


Adoring fans won't admit the betrayal
True friends growl and turn away
Inside my fishbowl
Silently watch
Cold watery truth


home calls
urgent incessant nagging
tugging at my heartstrings
pulling at my conscience
meowing at the window
Open the door!


Pick up a book
chew on a pen
throw down a thought
chew it again

Chatting about the Flash Fiction

Here is a handy place to introduce yourself, chat about your flash fiction, wonder what is going on, express yourself outside of the story, talk about ideas you want to add next, and generally hang out in a written-word kind of way, while we all build an amazing piece of writing together. Have a laugh 🙂 Invite friends and blogger buddies.

Heelllllooooo everybodeeeee! And Welcome 🙂

Feel free to drop your blog links here too.

Add a Something Flash Fiction.

Here’s a boost to get creative with some buddies in your spare time. Let go of control of the narrative, and enjoy or look on in horror at where the story ends! For those who believe in having a bit of a laugh. By the way, breaking the rules really means you can break the rules. Be creative! Write only one word. Or ten. It can be nonsense, that’s fine. Let’s get rid of any writer’s blocks and get the words flowing from the brain, prompting others to follow suit.

Choose a Title:

  1. Chainsaws Bite.
  2. Whose Dog Ate That?
  3. The Piano Thief.

150 Words Flash Fiction

The first person writes the first 50 words.

The second person writes the second 50 words.

The third person writes the third 50 words.

That makes the Beginning, the Middle, and the End.


Anyone can contribute a photograph or picture to go at the top of the story.

Rules can be broken.

More than one story can be started at a time. Choose a title, and get started, and then join in on other beginnings, or middles, or ends. You’re welcome to add them here as comments, or start them on your own blog and link here to attract others to join in on your blog.

I’ll comment below to get it all started. Hmmmm…. which title will I choose….. oh, feel free to choose your own title and get started like that!

Keep the moths away

My writing prompt for today is to keep the moths away.

You have a nice character

People are drawn to you…


They are – it’s not like you’re trying to be anything. You’re just like that.

Mmmmm-Hmm….Take the word ‘trying’ out of there. Just be who you are.

But… that IS who you are!

Mmm-Hm. You got to keep the moths away, they hurt themselves.



So you are artificial? An artificial light?

No no. The moths are after something unnatural, instead of something natural.

So are you the sun?

The moths cannot reach the sun, it is too far.  They fly as high as they can, and they find their direction.


I am listening to beautiful music.

I want to colour so much

I’m breaking my rule of keeping my own colouring in off the blog… Well, it is on my poetry blog, and they are older drawings, so hopefully no-one will notice it too much! I like people to have their own ideas about what to do with their ‘blank canvas.’  Or not so blank canvases…!


This was called ‘A little birdie told me…’


My mum coloured the top right pic, and wrote a poem to go with it…

This old world goes
'Round and round
'Round and round
'Round and round
This old world goes
round and round

Oh dear. It was nice sitting and colouring together. I sometimes wonder if that’s what video chat might be good for – a bit of colouring with company!

I want to colour the Celtic knot I just drew, and the printer is in a room where someone is sleeping, so I am restraining myself… I will go get some more sleep, and do some colouring tomorrow. Do you sometimes get such a strong urge to colour something? To brighten something up… to be creative?  And the urge is blocked?

Hmm – I’m going to colour a blank bit of paper…

(Edit:  I forgot to add this link – There’s a description of art therapy, etc)

2010 poem: People Like Me

They stare
    and they stare
     Their dull eyes don't care
   Their noses jut up into the air

    You there!
     What are you?
     Why are you here?
      Who do you know?
     and why should we dare
            To know you
         (Not love you
            that would not do
          We do not LOVE
              People like you!)

Now really, now really,
 Why are you still here?
    Did you not FEEL
          the WEIGHT of our stare?

And as you should know
         as no-one has told you,
    To LOVE
      is IMPORTANT
   and our job to do—
        for people like you.
     That simply would not do.
                We do not KNOW
                    people like you.


You are all the things I love

Artist, poet, conversational friend.

Mind on a higher plane


Then I look around at

the others who bear the name, yet they

are really not the same


What is the bond

we share?


Have you ever found someone and you love them for who they are, and then you start wondering what it is that causes such love?  And anytime it is named, there are a handful of others who bear that name (such as ‘artist’) and yet the love is not in the name.

Have you ever loved someone, and it isn’t about their looks, or what they can or cannot do?  There are others who have those looks, and they simply are not you.  Life takes unexpected turns and what can or cannot be done today, may not be true tomorrow.

Have you ever dreamed of babies?  And they wouldn’t look the same, if you were not the other parent?

Have you ever loved, and lost?  And continued to love, anyway?

Signing off for today.  See you all again tomorrow night. 🙂

Faded memory

You fade


my life has brightened

You fade

because you’re empty and

my life is now filled

You fade


my life moves to far horizons

You fade


My life refreshes my memory.

My faded memory

is you.


Sometimes there are people who create a gash in my tender mind.  Those people fade away, and there is a healing place in my mind to welcome someone new.

The Three-Legged Dog

Ta-Daaah!  My very first audio book, ever!  Love to hear your comments.  My sister’s comments crack me up on this.  When you get to the name on the dog’s collar, think ‘Tripod!’

This one goes out to all the kids out there, and all those who like digging for meaning in children’s stories.  What meaning does this story hold for you?

One day…. I may put this book into print.

“One day… there was a Dog. The Dog had no home.  Nobody loved the Dog.  The Dog had only three legs.  The Dog lost one leg in an unfortunate accident…”  ~The Three-Legged Dog, by Anasera Trifonoff

Go on, have a listen 🙂