Short poems

Anyone keen on doing some poetry? I’m finding it hard to get started, so here is list of prompts to choose from. Be my guest, join in and grab a prompt.

 Life          Harrowing      Near
 Death         Watermelon     Freezing
 Love          Left           Right
 Loss          Perfect        Window
 Grief         Sorrow         Next
 Sadness       Pain           Healing
 Friendship    Fear           Happiness
 Hope          Dazzling       Blind
 Joy           Radiant        Shining
 Peace         Beauty         Anaphylactic

It makes an unusual poem in itself, with “near death watermelon freezing love…”

1. Okay. Throwing some words together to start with, to see what they do…

Getting angry stops me
going into anaphylactic

Harrowing fear
Perfect loss

Dazzling joy
of friendship
detained until further investigation.

my grief –
by you.

Sorrow, the painful companion
strokes my heart
cools my head with sudden tears

2. Maybe try some shorter versions…

Life, the ineffable, unfathomable, ever-present, unspeakable beauty

Death, the sudden companion on a dark night, probing indiscreetly, and snatching away in an instant.

Love, the salt in my food, not in my wound.

Grief, locked door to hidden sorrows, masked by pain

Friendship, the doorway to hope, a hand to hold, while leaping across an abyss

Beauty, the silent wonder, ethereal grace, of a world beyond

Give me the key, the salt, and immerse me in what lays beyond.

3. With a rhyme this time…

Harrowing near death experience

brought watermelon tears to my eyes

What a surprise

Freezing love left quickly

before the warmth could melt a broken heart

into a puddle of tears

4. Can the rhyme / it’s time / to stop.



Honor her

Magnetic Poetry honor her




Cool, crazy, untimid

Reserved, mature, unafraid

Tender, enduring, fearless

Rushing, gushing, reckless?

Never never feckless…

Keep the moths away

My writing prompt for today is to keep the moths away.

You have a nice character

People are drawn to you…


They are – it’s not like you’re trying to be anything. You’re just like that.

Mmmmm-Hmm….Take the word ‘trying’ out of there. Just be who you are.

But… that IS who you are!

Mmm-Hm. You got to keep the moths away, they hurt themselves.



So you are artificial? An artificial light?

No no. The moths are after something unnatural, instead of something natural.

So are you the sun?

The moths cannot reach the sun, it is too far.  They fly as high as they can, and they find their direction.


I am listening to beautiful music.

I want to colour so much

I’m breaking my rule of keeping my own colouring in off the blog… Well, it is on my poetry blog, and they are older drawings, so hopefully no-one will notice it too much! I like people to have their own ideas about what to do with their ‘blank canvas.’  Or not so blank canvases…!


This was called ‘A little birdie told me…’


My mum coloured the top right pic, and wrote a poem to go with it…

This old world goes
'Round and round
'Round and round
'Round and round
This old world goes
round and round

Oh dear. It was nice sitting and colouring together. I sometimes wonder if that’s what video chat might be good for – a bit of colouring with company!

I want to colour the Celtic knot I just drew, and the printer is in a room where someone is sleeping, so I am restraining myself… I will go get some more sleep, and do some colouring tomorrow. Do you sometimes get such a strong urge to colour something? To brighten something up… to be creative?  And the urge is blocked?

Hmm – I’m going to colour a blank bit of paper…

(Edit:  I forgot to add this link – There’s a description of art therapy, etc)

Art Therapy

First – check out this wonderful new Art Therapy page at Wrestling Life by Kira. Since Feb 8, 2013 I’ve been posting an artwork pretty well every day, to build up a free online collection of colouring book pictures.

Oh my goodness, we just received some carpet for our old sleepout, and now the man is coming back with some underlay! I am about to cry, that is the fourth teary-eyed moment I have had this morning.  Never before has this happened all in one day in my whole life!

Oh thank goodness, he is coming tomorrow so I have time to compose myself!!!!!

Now where was I…. Art therapy – oh yes, colouring in was helpful in my healing from post-traumatic stress, so it touches my heart how Kira is combining the art with her poem therapy, and I just love seeing the colourful pics, and how her poems really bring the picture to life.

That was my first teary-eyed moment this morning – when I read “Hope’s Bouquet” which is about Friendship and Hope.  Writing any more is hopeless, I am going to to have to give way to this waterfall that’s building up behind my eyes…

Friendship is a really lovely thing.

I will try again with writing and drawing etc later.



2010 poem: People Like Me

They stare
    and they stare
     Their dull eyes don't care
   Their noses jut up into the air

    You there!
     What are you?
     Why are you here?
      Who do you know?
     and why should we dare
            To know you
         (Not love you
            that would not do
          We do not LOVE
              People like you!)

Now really, now really,
 Why are you still here?
    Did you not FEEL
          the WEIGHT of our stare?

And as you should know
         as no-one has told you,
    To LOVE
      is IMPORTANT
   and our job to do—
        for people like you.
     That simply would not do.
                We do not KNOW
                    people like you.


You are all the things I love

Artist, poet, conversational friend.

Mind on a higher plane


Then I look around at

the others who bear the name, yet they

are really not the same


What is the bond

we share?


Have you ever found someone and you love them for who they are, and then you start wondering what it is that causes such love?  And anytime it is named, there are a handful of others who bear that name (such as ‘artist’) and yet the love is not in the name.

Have you ever loved someone, and it isn’t about their looks, or what they can or cannot do?  There are others who have those looks, and they simply are not you.  Life takes unexpected turns and what can or cannot be done today, may not be true tomorrow.

Have you ever dreamed of babies?  And they wouldn’t look the same, if you were not the other parent?

Have you ever loved, and lost?  And continued to love, anyway?

Signing off for today.  See you all again tomorrow night. 🙂

Faded memory

You fade


my life has brightened

You fade

because you’re empty and

my life is now filled

You fade


my life moves to far horizons

You fade


My life refreshes my memory.

My faded memory

is you.


Sometimes there are people who create a gash in my tender mind.  Those people fade away, and there is a healing place in my mind to welcome someone new.

The Three-Legged Dog

Ta-Daaah!  My very first audio book, ever!  Love to hear your comments.  My sister’s comments crack me up on this.  When you get to the name on the dog’s collar, think ‘Tripod!’

This one goes out to all the kids out there, and all those who like digging for meaning in children’s stories.  What meaning does this story hold for you?

One day…. I may put this book into print.

“One day… there was a Dog. The Dog had no home.  Nobody loved the Dog.  The Dog had only three legs.  The Dog lost one leg in an unfortunate accident…”  ~The Three-Legged Dog, by Anasera Trifonoff

Go on, have a listen 🙂