Add a Something Flash Fiction.

Here’s a boost to get creative with some buddies in your spare time. Let go of control of the narrative, and enjoy or look on in horror at where the story ends! For those who believe in having a bit of a laugh. By the way, breaking the rules really means you can break the rules. Be creative! Write only one word. Or ten. It can be nonsense, that’s fine. Let’s get rid of any writer’s blocks and get the words flowing from the brain, prompting others to follow suit.

Choose a Title:

  1. Chainsaws Bite.
  2. Whose Dog Ate That?
  3. The Piano Thief.

150 Words Flash Fiction

The first person writes the first 50 words.

The second person writes the second 50 words.

The third person writes the third 50 words.

That makes the Beginning, the Middle, and the End.


Anyone can contribute a photograph or picture to go at the top of the story.

Rules can be broken.

More than one story can be started at a time. Choose a title, and get started, and then join in on other beginnings, or middles, or ends. You’re welcome to add them here as comments, or start them on your own blog and link here to attract others to join in on your blog.

I’ll comment below to get it all started. Hmmmm…. which title will I choose….. oh, feel free to choose your own title and get started like that!



Why do I do it? Hehehehe


Gotta get better.

Here’s my morning warm up, and then a bit of blues. Yeah it  comes out different every time…

Over on the sidebar – there on the right – at the top, you can click on the link and share your sounds with me at SoundCloud.

What are you practising at home? A bit o’ guitar? A dabble on piano? Fantastic live music at your local jam night? Whatever it is, I’d love to hear it.

Let’s get creative!

Weekend Sounds – Bit of a laugh!

Ukeleles have always caught my attention, right from when I was a kid. This got me smiling, and had a good laugh at the end. Thanks Marcel!


Cool, crazy, untimid

Reserved, mature, unafraid

Tender, enduring, fearless

Rushing, gushing, reckless?

Never never feckless…

I want to colour so much

I’m breaking my rule of keeping my own colouring in off the blog… Well, it is on my poetry blog, and they are older drawings, so hopefully no-one will notice it too much! I like people to have their own ideas about what to do with their ‘blank canvas.’  Or not so blank canvases…!


This was called ‘A little birdie told me…’


My mum coloured the top right pic, and wrote a poem to go with it…

This old world goes
'Round and round
'Round and round
'Round and round
This old world goes
round and round

Oh dear. It was nice sitting and colouring together. I sometimes wonder if that’s what video chat might be good for – a bit of colouring with company!

I want to colour the Celtic knot I just drew, and the printer is in a room where someone is sleeping, so I am restraining myself… I will go get some more sleep, and do some colouring tomorrow. Do you sometimes get such a strong urge to colour something? To brighten something up… to be creative?  And the urge is blocked?

Hmm – I’m going to colour a blank bit of paper…

(Edit:  I forgot to add this link – There’s a description of art therapy, etc)

Spontaneous Creativity

I really like the idea of spontaneous creativity!  WordPress seems to have taken a first step to providing a creative platform which encourages artists, writers, poets and all creative types to push the boundaries, and especially the boundaries of traditional hard-copy press which is time consuming, and lacking the interactive diversity of a blog.

I love the thought of combining art, music, poetry, stories, movies, animation, narration, speech, vocals, discussion, wit, comedy, philosophy, and more, all into one huge bundle which gathers power and momentum as more spontaneous creativity is attracted to grab on to the unstoppable rolling snowball of …  [fill in your label for it here!]

spontaneous creativity


Heeey, Roll with it!


Add A Line Poems – Audio!

Here are a couple of audio tracks for the group poetry sessions at Opinionated Man’s blog, HarsH ReaLiTy. Note: Copyright, All Rights Reserved – unlike most other stuff on my blogs 🙂

Add A Line Poem 5 (

Add A Line Poem 8 (

Some wacky warm-ups, love it!  I could see it becoming a bit like a poetic version of theatresports…

This is so much fun!

Poetry warm-ups, with company, at HarsH ReaLiTy.  Check it out –

Keep track of new Add A Line Poems to participate in here: And see the completed poems all typed up.

Great fun for social poets. I recommend it.