#Twitterpoetry the caged tiger… rains sunshine today…

Bouncing like a ball
through life
A caged tiger
wearing thin.

Life is not meant to live in a cage
open the door, free the bird
Love is not meant to live in rage
open the heart, free the pain

at what I have done.
at my tortures
at my disclosure
at my expression
for my salvation

Grasping the vine
I am dragged up by hope
Carried by kindness
and blossom in love

Mending cracks and broken pieces
with love and pure gold
Beauty shines within this girl
created new and whole

In love always
Morning shower
rains sunshine today

Art Therapy

First – check out this wonderful new Art Therapy page at Wrestling Life by Kira. Since Feb 8, 2013 I’ve been posting an artwork pretty well every day, to build up a free online collection of colouring book pictures.

Oh my goodness, we just received some carpet for our old sleepout, and now the man is coming back with some underlay! I am about to cry, that is the fourth teary-eyed moment I have had this morning.  Never before has this happened all in one day in my whole life!

Oh thank goodness, he is coming tomorrow so I have time to compose myself!!!!!

Now where was I…. Art therapy – oh yes, colouring in was helpful in my healing from post-traumatic stress, so it touches my heart how Kira is combining the art with her poem therapy, and I just love seeing the colourful pics, and how her poems really bring the picture to life.

That was my first teary-eyed moment this morning – when I read “Hope’s Bouquet” which is about Friendship and Hope.  Writing any more is hopeless, I am going to to have to give way to this waterfall that’s building up behind my eyes…

Friendship is a really lovely thing.

I will try again with writing and drawing etc later.