PDF downloads and e-book ideas, mixed with a bit of spontaneous creativity… and add a dash of marketing – hopefully means some sales!

I spent some time today putting together a PDF colouring book, after googling that Amazon had something called eDocs that were mainly PDFs and printable. eDocs were also supposed to be smaller than eBooks… and sounded like just what I needed for digital sales of my colouring book art.

Once I finished the PDF, try as I might, I could not find how to upload a PDF to Amazon as an eDoc. So I am waiting for a reply to an email for help. Somehow I think that eDocs no longer exist. So I am not holding my breath.

My next idea, is to make an e-book, and build in a way to allow my e-book buyers to print out the pictures! My cunning plan is to add links within the e-book, which take the reader through to a PDF download page, which they can print from within Adobe Reader, or similar. So the price of the e-book covers the printable artwork.

There will need to be probably some sort of password protection on the download page. And it can be a page on my blog, that cannot be accessed except by people who bought the e-book. Readers would find their password inside the e-book.

http://www.thomasedison.com/quotes.html Thomas Edison comes to mind as I discard yet another idea on the way to whatever comes of my colouring book adventure. Goodbye eDoc idea!

This e-book… I have thoughts of it being the most fantastic e-book ever. Then I would have to figure out how to make it so. The key, I think, is the links. To be able to click a link from my e-book reader and be taken somewhere special, that relates to the page I’m reading. This does not always have to be a colouring book page. It could be a link to a video, or an audio recording of a poem which the reader is looking at in the e-book, which includes some other ramblings by the poet beyond what can be read on the page.

It could link to a blog, anybody’s blog, on a related topic. One link per page. One “call to action,” so as not to confuse the reader with too many things to do. Don’t want to overload with too many choices.

Singing and music could sprout up from a link. The e-book becomes a bit like a slice of a blog, which can be sold on Amazon.

The e-book itself is the “shop front.” And the blog becomes the warehouse storage behind the scenes. With a window display that can be freely perused by blog followers. The window display is made up of the free pages and posts on the blog. There will have to be private pages or posts that can only be accessed via the “shop front” e-book. They must not be available via Google searches. The hidden pages or posts would probably need a visible page which explains that access is via buying the e-book, with a direct link to Amazon where it can be bought with One-Click.

I am liking this idea more and more. Probably someone has done it already, and I would like to have a search and see what their e-book and blog looks like. More research to do…

Meantime… it is time to prepare forms and paperwork for the US taxman. If I work things right then hopefully I won’t lose another 30% from the grand total of less than $15 made in online sales so far. So, yeah, I haven’t hit the big-time yet. The e-book idea is compelling. And I hadn’t thought of what to put into an e-book before. This one I hope will be a best-seller.

  1. Art
  2. Poetry
  3. Links

That is the basic interior of the e-book. Then come the links:

  1. Colouring book pages of the printable variety
  2. Fine art / digital art for download, or physical delivery
  3. Audio poetry reading
  4. Video introduction
  5. Video for kids
  6. Links to authors, poets, and creative communities
  7. Links to bloggers
  8. Links to a series of stories, or comics, that come out in episodes. Like an index page. Or table of contents. Hmm I don’t know if authors/comic artists would receive royalties from the e-book, or if they would pay for a link to be added! Hee hee. Maybe treat it the same as links between blogs. Good traffic boosters.

Now, the e-book would “expire” in a funny way. The next e-book would have a new password to access the next lot of links.

Possibly the old passwords could be removed and the old links only accessible by buying the next e-book. The price and timing would be important. It would be a bit like a subscription, which could be paid monthly, or yearly, or six-monthly. Depending on how often a new e-book is created.

I will need to think about it all some more. Thought others might benefit from thinking along the same lines. And there is surely room for collaboration by artists, writers and all other creative types… A bit of spontaneous creativity gone wild would be a lot of fun.

My wonderful sister..

I am ever so grateful for the quiet words of support given by my wonderful sister.

In view of my mission to get a CV and some sort of explanation ready for an appointment in a couple of weeks, my dear sister shared these very helpful and encouraging links. For all you artists or budding artists or creative types out there, have a read and feel good about yourself.


Here’s the checklist I will print out in the morning when the printer won’t wake anyone from their dreams. It’s going to be fun to fill out and have a good look-at and think-about.


Thank you Stara.

Seek… and a CV

I am going to fill this space with employment-related info, although I am working towards self-employment. This is to keep a door open to other options.

FIrst thing: Set up a Seek.co.nz account. Here I go…

Right, that’s done. I can see how it could be an opportunity for letting people know about the online colouring book… Cogs are turning in my mind…

I can also see how there is very little available in the conventional job market for me in my current situation. In fact, nothing today, in my first searches.

Next thing: Write up a CV. This will be fun. I will post it when I’m done!

Okay, I am putting off my time management thing… That’s okay I will make time for it later! 😉

I have a photo to turn into a colouring book picture for dissolvingbuildings.com, and also a small sketch I made of a tyre sunk in the foreshore as a mooring. I’ll do those first.

I want to do a bit of brainstorming on “IF” I did some painting, then what would I paint? I am not sure if it means that I “will” paint. I will end up with a huge page of painting themes or topics to choose from or feel a bit inspired by. Perhaps I could post the page when completed, and everyone could have a go picking a theme to create something with. Art or Music or Poetry… a Dance… anything!  Then of course, send it as a submission to We Poets Show It, where the lovely Kira and Zoe will have you feeling like a star!

One of the options for a ‘Career Path’ at my special appointment yesterday, was Artist – Painter. And I looked at it longingly, and mumbled, half under my breath, “I don’t think I could make money with it…” So now I am working on why I might feel that way. It is not like I am aiming to make millions…

It could open some other options, probably more to do with time management… so I can do the colouring book, and add some paintings for sale, now and then.


Sharing problems? Mine is tiredness. Falling asleep at the table tiredness. Sleeping over 12 hours tiredness, and bone-weary muscle-ache tiredness… I hope it passes soon.

Sometimes my mind gets stuffed with ideas, and they may never be carried through to completion. So I am going to type a big glob of them out so they are no longer in my head. Do you ever do this?????

Alphabet colouring book, with one page per beautiful letter, and a short illustrated poem, with space for learning to write the letter underneath it all. Lots of time in the garden early springtime sunshine in a warm month of August which doesn’t seem like Winter at all. Medicine made of liquorice and aniseed, peppermints and chocolates, coffee, and sweet cakes, with juicy sweet oranges and soup-in-a-cup homemade. Truth and nothing but the truth, in a world of lies. Honesty as a healing and not as a weapon. Friends, in abundance, with time and space, and solitude for breathing and spontaneous uncalled-for smiles, giggles, and cats who are really kittens who haven’t unlearned how to kiss. Family who understand, even when they don’t. A garden that produces food all over, again and again. Money as a form of energy which flows where it is needed the most. Love which is intelligent and pours out in exactly the right dose, and knows when to ladle out double quantity at dessert time. Cream with sweet peaches in syrup. Cats that meow hello, and purr in a box with a sheepskin, and hiss and growl at night while staying in the doorway because they call it home, and you turn the outdoor lights on and go out, breaking off a stick from the nearby tangly bush and rattle it under the house and around about to scare off any intruder that has upset the orphan cat in a box on the doorstep. Blogs that collect views and followers and commenters all by themselves while you sleep. Special people who make themselves known… Words which are filled with light, and who knows where the light came from? A home that is mobile because it is carried in the heart. Space which is the depths of a great spirit, with stars that truly twinkle. Food that is not food, it is a meal, and shared with love. Smiles that bring tears. Weeping that brings smiles. Music that wrenches the heart into sobs, and songs that lift up to places divine. Colour that brings life, and a life filled with colour. Rainbows of hope that build bridges between hearts. Cool liquid that soothes the throat and brings sweet relief. A fresh pillowslip. A real bed. A place to call home, to rest your head.

For the fifth time……. so far…. good night!
It’s almost 10pm and perhaps my tiredness is wearing off! I’ll see how early I can roll out of bed tomorrow. Hopefully without headaches or faintness.

Sick Statistics

I’m listening to those metaphysical marvels from Louise Hay…

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/026231_flu_virus_meditation.html#ixzz2YueZrsIc

And really, I started to feel better when I threw out the thought that I need to slave over the clicks and follows etc, and how long it all takes, and the numbers and figures and percentages etc etc.  The headache left first, and I started to breathe easier.

I ripped a long sheet of newsprint off the roll and laid it on my table, and drew up  thoughts about my blog.

My biggest question became, “How do I earn money by helping others?”

And the two biggest things I noticed about my blog, were the popular blank frames, and the poem art / art therapy.

I am happily moving in the direction of:

Make beautiful art for others to use for poems

Make beautiful frames for others to use for art

Sell e-books as offline catalogues.

Link to blog for downloads/printouts.

Strangely, it has become easier to click, and follow etc, because my focus is more on socializing. Such as introvert! I am doing well with my three comments per day… I lose count. And that’s good.

Sometimes I wonder if I could write something about living on a low income. Fish head soup and pig’s trotters jokes aside….

The Author, his Pen, and the Book

The Author, his Pen, and the Book. OM at HarsH ReaLiTy has outdone himself, in my opinion!

I Looove this portrait of an author.  From the startling incongruity of the BIC pen, through the four jars of coloured ink, filled with ingredients of life… to the ending which offers hope, and also an enigma!

via The Author, his Pen, and the Book.

PS. This is my first ‘Press This’ post, and I am curious to see how it turns out.