Homeschool work-at-home single parents

I am in search of moral support and a look into how others manage in a similar position. Here’s a few of my findings.


Examples of types of work done by folk who work while homeschooling. There’s a wide variety!


Some interesting statistics, and how to fit homeschooling into weekends and holidays.


Single, but not Alone. An article on the difficulties faced when homeschooling as a single parent, and how faith fits into the picture.


Working outside the home full-time, while homeschooling. It was interesting to learn how this family took their child with them to work.


The Real Reason Parents Don’t Homeschool… And I will investigate this further a bit later on, as I see the writer has three startups under her belt. And lots of links to explore in her article.


This weekend, I am actually going to have a “weekend.”

Hope you all enjoy your weekends too!

I will be up at 2.30am Sunday for Twitter @Artist_Chat on the #ArtistChat hashtag, for the interview with author/artist Arthur H. Browne of the Pouring My Art Out Blog.  Apparently that’s 7.30am Pacific Time, or 10.30am EST Saturday. Perhaps we’ll see you there!

The Connection Between Art and Literacy by Susan Striker

The Connection Between Art and Literacy by Susan Striker.

Susan does some amazing work with art, kids, and education. I like her views on colouring books, and the Anti-Coloring Book® series she created.

There’s nothing like a good SCRIBBLE.

Happy Scribbling!


via The Connection Between Art and Literacy by Susan Striker.

Weekend Sounds – Bit of a laugh!

Ukeleles have always caught my attention, right from when I was a kid. This got me smiling, and had a good laugh at the end. Thanks Marcel!


Two links which inspire me to adopt, very much so.

Although I am firing up on all cylinders to make an income, my heart is with children, and I don’t know how to correlate my heart with my situation.  I don’t think sole parenting is ideal… maybe i need to break down my ‘ideals’ and see what happens.

The Three-Legged Dog

Ta-Daaah!  My very first audio book, ever!  Love to hear your comments.  My sister’s comments crack me up on this.  When you get to the name on the dog’s collar, think ‘Tripod!’

This one goes out to all the kids out there, and all those who like digging for meaning in children’s stories.  What meaning does this story hold for you?

One day…. I may put this book into print.

“One day… there was a Dog. The Dog had no home.  Nobody loved the Dog.  The Dog had only three legs.  The Dog lost one leg in an unfortunate accident…”  ~The Three-Legged Dog, by Anasera Trifonoff

Go on, have a listen 🙂