Computer Skills

Hokey cokey. Here’s a huge list of computer skills, ready to add to my not-yet-created CV.

  • Inkscape – vector graphics editor
  • GIMP – image editor, similar to Photoshop
  • blogs
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+,, Goodreads – social media
  • self-hosted blog (basics)
  • Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems.
  • Scribus – page layout and publication (desktop publishing program, similar to Pagemaker)
  • CreateSpace paperback self-publishing
  • Amazon Kindle e-book self-publishing
  • Gmail for email, also familiar with Outlook.
  • Chromium browser (Linux version of Chrome)
  • OpenOffice, LibreOffice, similar to MS Office.
  • OpenShot video editor. Also familiar with iMovie for Mac, and MovieMaker for Windows
  • SoundCloud audio
  • Grooveshark broadcasting, and recording
  • YouTube video
  • VideoPress on WordPress
  • Audacity – record and edit audio files
  • Skype, Google Talk
  • Synfig Studio – 2D animation (basics)
  • DropBox – file sharing in the Cloud
  • Sellbox – upload and sell digital files from DropBox
  • Previous experience with Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, although not currently using them.

I am a quick learner, and most of the above programs I set myself to learn over the last year. I have self-published two books, one for me and one for another author. All of the above computer skills are useful for setting up an online business. And that is what I have been working on, while also sharing knowledge and experiences with the children I homeschool.

It would be wonderful to have work within the creative industry. Perhaps there are services I could offer. Or I could perhaps teach others these computer skills. Three hours a day, five days a week… book a time and name a price 🙂

Mostly, I am working on creating and selling my artwork online, and learning to run my own business. This takes a lot of reading, some meeting with experts, and a fair bit of trial and error with good old-fashioned roll-the-sleeves-up hard work.

Ok thinking out loud

Ok I am going to think out loud.
Blogging is about community
Writers and artists of all kinds
meet daily with their audience
up close, in person, rubbing shoulders
noticing hairy nostrils and
of deodorant

A writer sits in a well-lit attic
room with a view of a lake
for contemplation
typewriters stacked obsoletely

I got distracted with the words down the left side.
Start again.
Thinking about where to go next
First it was art, education and kids
Then work, and it is not necessary
to teach at a school, or have a degree to
work as an art teacher and yet is that what I want?

Psychology, philosophy, religion, spirituality
fits with thoughts of healing
the mind, the spirit, the soul.
Dream pictures create good artwork
says a counsellor
she knows her world and art is an investment.

Pure expression
creativity in motion
alive in many shifting forms
here is the opportunity
to choose a creative path to
stay on, to live with
for the rest of my

Working on

Business therapy, it’s good for the self-esteem.

Spent a bit of time practicing a new routine.

  1. Create daily colouring pic, as usual.
  2. Export it at different sizes for preview, blog post, and sellbox
  3. Upload to blog, and to dropbox
  4. Open sellbox and pick up file from dropbox
  5. Enter selling info and create a promotion code to make it free
  6. Add the promo code to the blog (I forgot and had to add it later!)
  7. Have a cuppa tea

This was made easier because I am doing the alphabet… ABCDEF

After lunch I worked on my ‘professional’ blog. (har har… one day I might make some money)

Here’s the blog header. I spent a bit of time learning the GIMP software, which is a little bit like Photoshop.

Header for blog3


I wanted something fun and colourful. Next minute along comes a business card! No, Maybe… soon…

Time flew by and afternoon tea was a quick slurp, and dinner was a hot bowl of rice with butter, salt and ground pepper. Somehow it tasted like sausages! (Breakfast is my main meal.)

Shared a bit of lunch with the cat. (We both like tinned fish.) Made an attempt at creating a fabric design. Got one step closer.

Then it has been time to blog, and read, and even do a bit of colouring in. (There’s a coloured-in letter D on Wildersoul Rainbows.)

Kids are loaded up with heaps of homeschool work… and I am dreaming of the sand and sea. Let the sun warm the water a little longer, and it will be summer swim time again.

About to head off for a good sleep.

Jangle Blues

My musical Morning Wake-me-ups have moved to lunchtime warm-me-ups on the back step in the sunshine! Here’s the latest… my fingers are warmer which helps. And yet I still have glitches in my timing. Need a brain tune-up methinks!


Why do I do it? Hehehehe


Gotta get better.

Here’s my morning warm up, and then a bit of blues. Yeah it  comes out different every time…

Over on the sidebar – there on the right – at the top, you can click on the link and share your sounds with me at SoundCloud.

What are you practising at home? A bit o’ guitar? A dabble on piano? Fantastic live music at your local jam night? Whatever it is, I’d love to hear it.

Let’s get creative!