Morning Wake Me Ups – Wildersoul FM

Hey there people Good Morning! I am broadcasting at Wildersoul FM on Grooveshark. Join me as I look for inspiration and new music to listen to.!/wildersoul/broadcast

I am sifting through the Singer/Songwriter genre…. bit of old and a bit of new.

See you there.

=== It’s almost over now – here are some screenshots to give an idea of what it’s about.

Wildersoul FM screenshot

Wildersoul FM Wake Me Ups Playlist no1

Wildersoul FM Wake Me Ups Playlist no2

Wildersoul FM Wake Me Ups Playlist no3


Even though I am on my last song in the broadcast – please feel free to drop in and have a listen to the playlist I created from today’s selection. It is available at any time, and you can pick and choose what you’d like to listen to.!/playlist/Wake+Me+Ups+number+1/88176449

Jangle Blues

My musical Morning Wake-me-ups have moved to lunchtime warm-me-ups on the back step in the sunshine! Here’s the latest… my fingers are warmer which helps. And yet I still have glitches in my timing. Need a brain tune-up methinks!


Why do I do it? Hehehehe


Gotta get better.

Here’s my morning warm up, and then a bit of blues. Yeah it  comes out different every time…

Over on the sidebar – there on the right – at the top, you can click on the link and share your sounds with me at SoundCloud.

What are you practising at home? A bit o’ guitar? A dabble on piano? Fantastic live music at your local jam night? Whatever it is, I’d love to hear it.

Let’s get creative!